Variety of Hotels for sale in Izmir

Variety of hotels for sale in Izmir, Turkey: Another investment potential in Turkey

Turkey welcomes over 20 Million visitors every year, since it is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. Turkey with an amazing nature and many seaside resorts with coastline on both the Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea, is a vibrant visited center of history and culture. Turkey is a home to a unique intersection of culture as it’s located between Asia and Europe. Turkey has various historical and ancient sites which you don’t want to miss. The country also become a popular place for spa and health care lately. Therefore, there is a lot of investment potential in this beautiful country. When it comes to tourism potential, the cities of Antalya and Istanbul are the first two destination ranked on top. Obviously, a lot of investment have made in these two cities. But, there is still investment opportunities awaiting risk-taker investors, since Turkey is among world’s most visited countries. One option is to buy a hotel in Turkey. There are still other options for you if you have already bought a hotel. You can sale hotel in Turkey. Another way of investing is to rent a hotel in Turkey. So, what’s keeping you? But, there are certain things need to be considered before making any investment. Let’s see why Turkey has good investment potential.

Why Turkey is a good destination for investment?

There are certain things that motivates an individual or corporation to invest in a country, which create four main factors, according to the World Bank Group. They are as follows:
  • Markets
  • Natural resources
  • Strategic assets
  • Efficiency
Although investing in other countries is full of risks, with market research and some consideration, we can make it easier. We already have done market research for your investment and there are good opportunities ahead of you. According to the following reasons, Turkey is a great place for making investment whether with buying a hotel in Turkey, renting a hotel in Turkey or other investment potential in which Turkey can offer.
  • According to the Us News 2020 list of best countries to invest in, Turkey stands at the 16th place, with the GDP of 166.5 billion USD and 83.3 million populations.
  • Turkey is a well-known tourist destination, which stands at the 6th place of countries with most tourist arrivals, according to a report published by the World Tourist Organization. Turkey welcomes over 46 million visitors.
  • Tourism revenues in Turkey averaged 1297.18 million USD from 1990 until 2019. Tourism revenues surged 22% from a year earlier to 14.3 billion USD in the third quarter of 2019. 82.1% of this income came from foreign visitors.
But, as an investor, these reasons are not enough for making serious decisions like but a hotel in Turkey or rent a hotel in Turkey. Now we’re going to discuss other economic factors which will help you through your investment planning.
  • The GDP per capit in Turkey was 15026.7 billion USD in 2018, at which was last recorded. And is equivalent to 119% of the world’s average.
  • Turkey, among 190 countries, is ranked 33th in the ease of doing business, according to the World Bank ratings.
  • Social rate in Turkey is 37.5% in 2019. Social rate is a tax related with labor income charged to both companies and employees.
  • Sales tax rate stands at 18% in Turkey, which is a tax charged to consumers based on the purchase price of certain goods and services.
As a result, Turkey seems to be a perfect destination for investment, which offers various opportunities to people who are willing to take risks. Now, that we know different aspects of Turkey’s economic factors, it’s time to realize how we can take advantage of this opportunity.

How can we invest in Turkey?

There are so many ways ahead of you when it comes to invest in Turkey, but the best ones can be categorized into three sections:
  1. Buy hotel in Turkey
Since Turkey is a well-known tourist destination, investing in tourism industry sounds profitable. As we mentioned before, doing business in Turkey is not a big deal. So, there’s nothing to worry about paper work and stuff. There are bunch of hotels to buy, if you want to enter to this scope. If you want to get further information on buying a hotel in Turkey, knowing about variety of hotels and a lot more helpful information, our experts in Hotel Sale Center can help you to find the best hotels for sale in Turkey. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  1. Sale hotel in Turkey
As real estate market is thriving in this country, another option for investing in Turkey is to sale hotel. If you already have a hotel prepared, why are you wasting your time? Our team in Hotel Sale Center will help you gladly. You can buy a good hotel now, and sale it in the future as well. Either way, hurry! Take a look at Hotel Sale Center to choose one (or ones!).
  1. Rent hotel in Turkey
Final option for investing in Turkey is to rent hotels. As there are various types of hotels in Turkey such as apartment hotel, three, four and five star hotels and also boutique hotel, rent the one which can meet your needs and start your business. This country has provided you almost any kind of investment based on your strategy and target market. You should know where the best target market for your business is, whether you want to buy a hotel in Turkey or rent one. Turkey’s popular cities are various. You may have heard of tourism potential of Istanbul or tourism potential of Antalya. These two cities have brought so many investors to this country. Due to their popularity, the price of hotels and investment are higher. So, we recommend new Turkey’s investment potential. A metropolitan city of “Izmir”.

Izmir Tourism Potential: Location

Izmir (you may not have heard of it as much as Istanbul tourism potential or Antalya tourism potential) is a metropolitan city in the western extremity of Anatolia. After Istanbul and Ankara, it’s the third most populous city in Turkey. Also the second largest metropolitan area on the Aegean Sea after Athens, Greece. Izmir has more than 3000 years of recorded urban history and up to 8500 years of history as a human settlement since the Neolithic period. So, there is a long term history behind this ancient city.

Izmir Tourism Potential: Types of tourism in Izmir

Izmir welcomes more than 8.5 million foreign and domestic tourists each year! Izmir has a perfect environment for many types of tourism, culture and sport activities. Thanks a bunch at geographical location, natural treasure and marvelous sea, Izmir has different types of tourism, each one has their own investment potentials and a wide variety of hotels for sale in Izmir.

1. Business tourism

Business tourism is the provision of facilities and services to the millions of delegates who take trips for meetings, congresses, exhibitions and business events. Tourism in the world’s largest industry, responsible for more than one in ten jobs globally. Therefore, business tourism is another perfect section for investment. Nearly 9% of all international travels account for business travel. Business tourism is not just about working and it contains leisure activities as well. And you should know that business travelers are less cost-sensitive. So, by the variety of hotels for sale in Izmir, business tourism sounds interesting. Izmir is a great destination for business travelers. Not only it has many popular hotels for business travelers, but also a lot of leisure activities and sightseeing which business travelers can enjoy in their free time.

Popular Business Travel Hotels in Izmir

  • Swisssotel Buyuk Efes
  • Double tree by Hilton
  • Wyndham Grand Izmir
  • Tar airport Hotel
  • Movenpick Hotel Izmir
Due to the variety of hotels for sale in Izmir, you can dedicate your services to business travelers, if you like to invest in Izmir.

2. Honeymoon Tourism

Honeymoon tourism refers to the international travels that are taken by tourists to spend their honeymoon or even celebrate their wedding. As a once in a lifetime experience, a honeymoon may be the first most romantic trip newlywed couples take together. Additionally, this journey can positively affect their social status, if they visit an exotic destination. Due to the tourists’ experiences Izmir is one of the perfect places to spend for honeymoon. It has comfortable hotels with perfect views, which gives couples the opportunity to have the most romantic honeymoon. For those of you who wants to use the variety of hotels for sale in Izmir, you should understand the market-specific and destination-specific factors relevant to this niche market. Izmir tourism potential is interesting geographically, environmentally and historically. So, take advantage of this chance by the variety of hotels for sale in Izmir. If you want to spend your honeymoon in Izmir, which I can assure you that you won’t regret it, here are the best hotels for newlywed couples:
  • Double tree by Hilton
  • Swissotel Buyuk Efes
  • Celsus Boutique hotel
  • Kaya Izmir Thermal and Convection
  • Piano hotel (sounds interesting!)
  • Ephesus palace
  • Whyndham Grand Izmir
  • Paloma Pasha resort

3. Summer tourism

Izmir has a Mediterranean climate. So, the best time to take a trip to Izmir is in summer and fall, especially in June and August. The weather in summers is hot and dry. A walk along a beach would be so nice, where you can enjoy the sunset as well. If you like water activities, make sure you go surfing. Also, the variety of hotels for sale in Izmir is wide. Another great part of visiting Izmir, is its historical sites. Izmir tourism potential has various attractions for those who like to visit ancient monuments.
  • Izmir Agora
  • Pamukkale
  • Kemaraltı
  • Şirince
  • Izmir clock tower
  • Izmir elevator
  • Ephesus
Additionally, if you like to go shopping, you should definitely visit central Bazaar of Izmir. Store owners are shouting and welcoming customers with warmth. There’s a plenty on offer here for the curious foodies as well. You can use the variety of hotels for sale in Izmir to make a good profit.

4. Halal tourism

Halal tourism is a kind of tourism which contains Muslim-friendly facilities and activities. Due to the income growth of Muslims, it sounds that investing in this section would be profitable. Also keep in mind that 100 million Muslims will travel in 2020. So, don’t waste your time. Use the variety of hotels for sale in Izmir. Turkey is the third most popular destinations for Muslims after Malaysia and Indonesia. There are several reasons that Muslims are choosing Turkey as their holiday trip.

Why Muslims choose Turkey as their holiday destination?

  1. Ease of air connectivity
Turkish airline travels to almost all over the world.
  1. Visa procedures
Travelling to Turkey does not need visa for some Muslim countries.
  1. Muslim-friendly facilities
Facilities that are dedicated to Muslims in airports and hotels as well as various Halal restaurants. As Turkey is culturally harborous, tourists from different nations can enjoy their trip there. Arabs are now turning towards Turkey and investing heavily in business. 25% of visitors to Turkey are from Arab countries such as, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The increase in holidaymakers from Arabian countries is boosting sales of rural and urban real estate market in Turkey. consequently, buy hotel in Turkey, rent hotel in Turkey or sale hotel in Turkey sounds reasonable. Izmir is one of the largest cities in Turkey and with the variety of hotels for sale in Izmir, you can make a profitable investment in halal tourism which is just one area of growth, as Turkey takes a 20% share of the global market in halal tourism, hosting over 3 million Muslims. Izmir contains several halal restaurants and alcohol-free environment.

Halal restaurants in Turkey

  • Gozlemecim
  • Donerci Vedat Usta
  • Rumeli pastanesi
And great Muslim-friendly hotels, too.
  • Hedef beyt hotel
  • Smart hotel
  • Volley hotel
  • Double tree by Hilton

Izmir tourism potential: Festivals

Izmir is an ideal destination for festivals too, as having 300 sunny days a year. There are many festivals held in each time of the year. Based on the variety of hotels for sale in Izmir, you can consider fun activities on festival days.
  • Karşıyaka International Children's Festival
  • Izmir European Jazz Festival
  • International Dance Festival
  • International Izmir Short Film Festival
  • Camel Racing

Izmir tourism potential: Investment potential

Izmir is the second largest commercial center of Turkey, which offers a wide range of production and investment opportunities to investors. Izmir in line with its strategic vision, have a lot of potential in new sectors that use technologies with newly constructed infrastructure. So, if you don’t want to use the variety of hotels for sale in Izmir or tourism sections, you can choose the following categories. There are four main categories in which you can think of investing:

1. Industrial machinery

The industry is among the leading sectors in Izmir. 8% out of 30% of companies in Izmir operate in industrial machinery sector. Izmir is the third most important city in machinery export with a 7.2% share. Cooling and ventilation equipment production is the prominent sub-sector. Izmir provides qualified labor in industrial scope with more than 2000 engineering graduates annually.

2. Food and beverages

Izmir exports about 850 Million dollars of food and beverages every year, which compromises 11% of the total export in Turkey. Additionally, about 15% of the total manufacturing industry is in this category.

3. Chemicals

If you’re looking for the trade of chemical products, Izmir is one of the major locations in Turkey. according to the “world’s most competitive cities” Izmir is the third most competitive city in the terms of chemicals in eastern Europe and central Asia in 2015. About 25% of Turkey’s chemical exports are executed in Izmir.

4. Tourism

As we mentioned before, Izmir is one of the most visited destination in Turkey. It has various tourist attractions along with hot and beautiful beaches which are another Izmir tourism potential. Izmir is one of Turkey's top 5 beaches which about 52 beaches are located in this city. For the record, 459 beaches in Turkey received the blue flag (represents clean sea and coastline and seawater is tested every 15 days in high seasons) in 2018. As Izmir tourism potential shows a great sign, you can make a good profit if you invest in hotels, too, due to the variety of hotels for sale in Izmir. Finally, you know how to buy a hotel in Turkey, how to rent hotel in Turkey and how to sale a hotel in Turkey. You know much more sectors for investment as well. So, find your target market and plan your business.

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