Turkey is on top of the list of countries selected by foreign investors; due to its growing young population, specialist workforce and geographical-political position. Under the "Foreign Direct Investment" law, which has been in effect in 2003 years, the number of companies and foreign investors in Turkey has increased and it's still growing, especially in tourism sector. Izmir is Turkey's third most populous city and Izmir tourism grows fast. So, keep up with Hotel Sale Center Website to know about the Izmir Tourism Potential. The article of “Izmir Tourism Potential” can also be a good guide for those who are considering to investing in Izmir such as buy hotel in Izmir or rent hotel in Izmir.

About Izmir, Turkey

Izmir is Turkey's third largest city after Istanbul and Ankara. It has a privileged position as a commercial, industrial and port city. It is located on the Aegean coast. Izmir is one of the most historic regions of Turkey dating back to 6500 years BC. The city has witnessed many historical periods, including the Iron Age, the Golden Age. Izmir is also known as one of the major commercial ports of the Turkish region and attracts many tourists each year. The population of Izmir, according to the latest census in 2017, is estimated at 4 million. The city of Izmir is about 7340 square kilometers and is located in the west of Turkey with an average elevation of 30 meters above sea level. In terms of Current Living Costs, life in Izmir-Turkey, is less than Istanbul and almost identical to Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

Getting Acquainted with Atmosphere and Tourism Potential of Izmir

Izmir tourism situation is fantastic. Every year, Izmir hosts numerous trade, industrial and scientific exhibitions and congresses. There are prestigious universities in Izmir city, most notably the Aegean University and the Ducal University of Euler, which teach engineering. Across southern Izmir, there are beautiful sandy beaches, numerous monuments from earlier periods. Like the historic city of Ephesus, one of the largest and most beautiful ancient cities in the world and the mineral waters off the coast, the ancient city of Trojan and etc. These attractions, attract a large number of tourists who interested in the sea and monuments each year.

Being on the Beach in Izmir

One of the important Izmir tourism potentials is that this city is located Along with the Aegean Sea. According to a written statement issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development, within the framework of the awards presented by the International Blue Flag Jury, in year 2018, 459 beaches in turkey received the blue flag. Izmir is one of Turkey's top 5 beaches with 52 beaches. Thus, Turkey ranks in the top 3 among the countries. Beaches with blue flags that represent clean sea and coastline, seawater is tested every 15 days during the tourist season.

Izmir Blue Flag Beach

The beaches with the bluest flags in Izmir are as follows:
  • Çeşme: 13 Beach
  • Menderes: 12 Beach
  • Seferihisar: 9 Beach
  • Foça: 8 Beach

Izmir City's Weather

Izmir's climate is generally Mediterranean and temperate. Izmir has a warm and dry climate in summer and a relatively temperate winter with high rainfall. Most of the rain falls in November to April. But in June and August, rainfall falls to a minimum.

The Best Season to Travel to Izmir

  • Spring: Izmir has a Mediterranean climate. There is a lot of rain and nice air in the spring. In the spring, from mid-March to May, the climate in Izmir is mild. Of course, the weather in Izmir may be a little intolerable in March, but it is gradually becoming sunny and the rainfall is reduced.
  • Summer: from June to mid-September, Izmir has a relatively hot, dry and sunny climate. The city also has little rainfall during the summer. Usually, the humidity is not high and sometimes there are breezes that cool the climate a little bit.
  • Autumn: From mid-September to November, it is pleasantly warm and sunny and occasionally it rains in the city. The beautiful autumn nature of Izmir stuns every eye.
  • Winter: From December to mid-March, it is relatively temperate and rainy the greatest amount of rain in Izmir is in the winter.
The best time to travel to Izmir based on the weather is March 19th to June 10th and 17 September to 2 December. The hottest time of year is in early August at an average temperature of 34 °C and at least the temperature is 25/6 °C at night.

The Best Time to Travel to Izmir Based on Festivals and Events

Izmir is a city full of museums, cultural centers and a social cultural calendar. Some of the major Izmir festivals include the Izmir International Exhibition and the Izmir European Jazz Festival.

Spring Festivals and Events

  • Karşıyaka International Children's Festival
  • Izmir European Jazz Festival
  • Festivities of Kite and Spring
  • Kemalpaşa Golden Cherry Culture and Arts Festival
  • International Selçuk-Efes Culture, Art & Tourism Festival

Summer Festivals and Events

  • International Dance Festival
  • Izmir International Festival

Fall Festivals and Events

  • Izmir International Fair
  • International Izmir Short Film Festival

Winter Festivals and Events

  • Camel Racing

Izmir Airports

One of the most important airports in the Izmir tourism industry is Izmir Airport which is known as Adnan Menderes Airport. This airport is one of the main tourist bases in the coastal cities of the Aegean. Adnan Menderes International Airport of Izmir has 2 terminals, one for domestic flights and the other for international flights only. Most of the Izmir airport incoming flights are as follows:
  • KYIV
  • DOHA
  • And domestic flights from Agri, Ankara, Istanbul, Trabzon, Antalya, Izmir, Adana, KAYSERI ADANA, Gaziantep

Izmir Tourism Situation

Izmir is a seaside town with magnificent views of the Aegean Sea. The city has many beautiful tourist attractions besides its industrial, commercial and port location. These include the quiet and beautiful beaches, Kanak Square Clock Tower, Elevator Building, St. Polycarta Church, House of Mary, the Cave of the Companions, Apollo Temple, the Haisar Mosque, the Ephesus Historical City and the Ataturk Memorial in Republic Square. Izmir tourism potential is the same as Antalya tourism potential; beautiful nature and nice weather and hospitality! Because of fantastic Izmir tourism potential, this city host luxury tourist from around the world. People who like to experience beach, shopping and nature together.

Attractions of Tourism in and Around Izmir

Izmir tourism attractions include many things. it means that, plus attractions mentioned above, there are many tourist attractions around Izmir. These attractions are as follows:


This part of Izmir is 1 hours away and is located on the Aegean coastline. ALİAĞA is very rich in historical and cultural tourism. The ancient city of Aiolya, Kyme، Myrina و Grynea Are main attractions of this area.


The region in Turkey has potential for hot springs tourism. BALÇOVA Thermal Hotel, Kaya Thermal Hotel, Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek Hotel, Inciralti Forest, 6-km long coastal path and Telecabin are among the other tourist facilities of this area.


Attractions in this area include: mosque and complex of Haji Sinan, Talji Oglu Mosque, Rajab Caravansary, Ski Dade Monastery, and the Bayindir Hot Water.


BIRAKCLI, which is the first site of Izmir formation, is one of the important points of Izmir tourism potential. The Bayerakli coastal area has recreational centers and the Izmir tourism sector is developing entertainment, business and culture in this area.


Bergama has countless monuments such as Acropolis, Asklepion, Red Courtyard, Cleopatra Beauty Spa, Kozak Plain, Arabian Mosques, Mufti, Ulu, Korshunova, Laleh Lee, Kulaksiz & New Mosque, Kopi Masjid, Tabaklar Bath and also the ancient city of Acropolis.


Beydağ stone tombs, Pilau hills in this area are important in terms of tourism. BEYDAĞ in terms of tourism development in hunting, golf, Parachute has the potential.


The area has high tourism potential. The Charlton Whittall Home and Pandispanya mansion located inside the Aegean University, Santa Maria Catholic Church, Manisa kervansaray are tourist attractions in this area.


There are about 20 beaches with different names, Schiffen, Kucuk Liman, Pirlanta, Pasha Beach, Ilijah Beach, Chiftlik Altın Kom, Chattal Azmak, Sakizli Koy, Tote Beach, Ayurveda and so on. In Çeşme area are 6 hotels with 5- stars.


Adnan Menderes International airport, Turkey's Aegean Free Zone and Space Camp, the new Izmir Exhibition Area are located in GAZİEMİR area. Also, many investors who want to buy hotel in Izmir or rent hotel in Izmir come to this area.


The Gulf of Mentache, Málaga and Balikliova have been important tourist destinations and have attracted the attention of domestic tourists in particular. The number of beaches in Orla is 15 and and there are 12 islands. Also, Orla is rich in archeology and history. Among Countless tourism potential of Izmir, the following areas are also available:
  • BUCA
  • FOÇA
Unique and incomparable Izmir tourism potential have motivated foreign investors to invest in tourism Izmir to buy hotel in Izmir or rent hotel in Izmir.

Concessions and Izmir tourism potential

If you decide to buy hotel in Izmir or rent hotel in Izmir-Turkey, you need to familiar with Izmir tourism potential. There are dozens of reasons to choose Izmir as an ideal city for investment. Exceptional weather, high rates of tourism, favorable business position and beautiful and spectacular places ... are just a few of Izmir tourism potential. The favorable weather and eye-catching landscapes of Izmir have motivated celebrities to buy house in Izmir. Cristiano Ronaldo and Angelina Jolie are the people who own a villa in the Urla Izmir area. Continue to learn about the important features of this city:

Lower costs than Ankara and Istanbul

Tourists can enjoy Izmir with whatever level of income they have. Modern shopping malls, along with permanent auctions, provide shopping power for everyone in Izmir. Therefore, Izmir as a suitable tourist destination, is very good for investing. Buy hotel in Izmir or rent hotel in Izmir, is considered a lucrative investment. Great climate of Izmir and temperate climate. Izmir's climate is generally 4-seasons.

High Security and Great Comfort

Izmir is one of the safest cities in Turkey. Only 4 million people live in Turkey's third largest city, which means "extraordinary relaxation". Izmir tourism potential is a beautiful combination of nature, safety and culture.

Existence of Prestigious High Schools and Universities

Izmir is known as a scientific and academic city in Turkey. Many international schools and universities, including Cambridge, and England, have branches in Izmir.

Clean and Healthy Air Alongside Beautiful Greenery

There is a special line of walking on the beach where people can see all beauties and enjoy fresh air.

Izmir Rail Network with Wide Coverage

Another important Izmir tourism potential is its wide-ranging rail network like many European cities. In the center of the city, you can see a very beautiful historical station.

Traveling by beautiful ships

Possibility of cruises with all kinds of big and small ships, is possible in every hour of the day in Izmir.

Holding International Fairs

Izmir tourism potential is so diverse and perfect in every context. Many people know Izmir with its international fairs. These exhibitions attract thousands of tourists each year.

Checking Izmir Tourism Potential and Position of This City the World

According to research on cheapness, popular culture, human behavior, freedom, business conditions and transportation facilities, Izmir is among the top 10 cities in the world. Melbourne, Vienna, Vancouver, Toronto, Adelaide Ranked one to five respectively and Izmir ranks sixth after these cities. In fact, the low cost of living and the freedom to choose a lifestyle can be another reason to choose Izmir for a quiet and stress-free life and investing without concern and stress. In addition to beautiful monuments, Izmir has villages of pristine nature and organic products that attract many tourists each year. Izmir Bay is a place to relax and experience the relaxing moments, there are dozens of other similar places in Izmir, another reason why Izmir is special in Turkey.

Izmir Hotels

Izmir Hotels due to their abundance and distribution are spread from east to west and across Izmir along the coasts and within residential, commercial centers and sights of Izmir. These hotels are accessible due to the attractions available on the Izmir Tour including the use of the Turkish coast, Izmir Trade Fairs, Izmir Shopping Centers and Izmir Recreation. Also, Izmir tourists use these hotels for their purpose of travel and cost. Most of the Izmir hotels are located in the middle of Ataturk Boulevard or around Anafartalar Avenue and are convenient to get around to the rest of the city. The quality and type of hotel facilities depend on the number of stars' hotel have which effect on Izmir hotels price, too. Everyone can select one of the 3-star, 4-star Izmir hotels or one of the 5-star Izmir hotels to stay and take advantage of the varied facilities of these hotels. In addition to luxury hotels, Izmir has many cheap hotels and accommodations. Pensions or guesthouses are among the city's cheap accommodations. These guest houses are simple houses with comfortable rooms at reasonable prices.

Different Areas of Izmir

Prices of Izmir hotels vary and depending on the area, which the hotel is located and the facilities of the hotel. The different areas of Izmir hotels are as follows:
  • Konak
  • Bornova
  • Alsancak
  • Karşıyaka
  • Ataturk caddesi
  • Altındağ

Buy, Sale or Rent hotel in Izmir

According to Vice President of the Turkish Hoteliers Association, Muhammad Eisler, in the eighth month of 2017, Izmir tourism industry has grown by 12% and accommodation and hotels also have contributed. According to a report released by the Aegean Tourism and Residence Union (ETİK), the number of foreign tourists has increased every year compared to the same period last year. And in January-August 2017, Izmir tourism continued to grow in all markets except Switzerland and Scandinavia. Tourism and accommodation also contributed significantly to the Turkish economy during the first half of the 2018. Based on these facts and all Izmir tourism potential, buy hotel in Izmir or rent hotel in Izmir have Short-term and long-term profits.

Statistics & Information about Investment on Izmir Tourism Potential

  • According to the Global Metro Monitor 2014 report Izmir is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey with local events, exhibitions and festivals throughout the year. The city is definitely worth to visit because entertainment events, exhibitions and markets have filled Izmir's annual calendar.
  • Between January and August 1in 2016, 496,815 foreign tourists arrived in Izmir. At the same time in2017, the number of foreign tourists increased by 12% to 566891.
  • According to the Global Metro Monitor 2014 report, Izmir ranks second among the 300 largest cities in the world in terms of economic growth.
  • Izmir accounts for 6.23% of Turkey's total GDP.
  • Izmir's economic growth has pushed the province's unemployment rate down to 6.6%.
  • Izmir has 8 universities, 13 industrial towns, 2 free trade zones, 3 science and technology parks and 4 international container ports.
  • Izmir ranks fourth in Turkey in terms of exports, according to Turkish Exporters Board
  • Annually, about 1.5 million tourists visit Izmir, which 25% of them are Germans and 10% are Italians.

Hotel Sale Center

Izmir is the second fastest growing metropolis in the world, according to the Brookings Institution. The third most advanced city in Turkey's with top socioeconomic ranks, bringing together multi-functional production facilities, standards and high quality of life with its rich natural resources in both economic and social contexts, has been raised as an attractive destination for investors. Izmir is a quiet and dynamic city and a great combination for work and life! Izmir, because of its young and educated population and its good conditions for living, is good to advance in various fields in every aspect. According to a survey by Ernst & Young, Izmir is the most attractive area for investment after Istanbul. Also, Izmir is a unique tourist city with its sunny climate. The city, with its seaside, sun and sand-bound history, hosts an estimated 8.5 million domestic and foreign tourists annually. Based on these facts and Izmir tourism potential and, buying or renting hotel in Izmir, can be one of the most profitable investments in Izmir tourism industry.

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