Hotel purchase process in Turkey

Read the following steps before contacting us

1) Complete and send the request form
2) The request will be checked in 3 working days.
3) Send the document or financial documents to confirm the buyer's financial strength.
4) After reviewing the request and the submitted documents, the meeting time will be arranged for you.
5) The pre-visit contract is written and arranged at the company's office to visit selected hotels.
6) Hotel visiting tour will be done at selected time.
7) Expertise of hotel will be done by official expert.
8) Giving consultation for establishing or transferring company depends on situation.
9) Legal and financial advice is provided by the company to obtain the necessary licenses from the relevant authorities, calculate the annual hotel profit in previous years, as well as review the hotel sales market in the region.
10) Signing hotel sale contract and transferring the title of deed.

After sale services

Introducing the staff and setting up the hotel from A to Z


Commission 2% + service fees (Expertise fees, Check hotel material, hotel technical equipment) + 18 % tax

The hotel request form:

* Your information:

* Name and Surname
* Country
* City
* Mobile Number
* Do you have any hotel business experience?

* Hotel details

* City
* Stars
* Beds
* District
* What type of hotel are you looking for?

More Details?

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