Tourism Potential of Antalya

Without a doubt, those who are serious about the economic activity, they never enter business deals without careful research. Of course, about foreign deals, the story will be far more complicated. Because the equations in another country may be much different from investor's country. One of the most important and crucial parts to know is information about the economic potential of the business desired in the destination country. So, if you are going to invest in Turkey, especially the city of Antalya and tourism industry, follow us in continue, to become familiar with tourism potential of Antalya

Turkey and Economic Potentials

The Republic of Turkey, with a population of about 77 million and Eurasian (European and Asian) culture, can be one of the most important destinations in the field of economic activities. Turkey's economy is a mix of indigenous and modern industries that is growing in scope. Also, the private sector of the Turkish economy is strong and growing rapidly. On the other hand, turkey's most important economic source is tourism. Turkey tourism generates huge profits and turnover annually. It has about 2 million tourists during a year. In recent years, the Turkish economy has grown well and gained 8.9% and 7.4% in 2004 and 2005, respectively.

Tourism Investment Potential in Antalya

About Antalya, Turkey

Antalya is one of the popular cities of Turkey and even the world. More than 10 million tourists come to the Antalya city every summer. Antalya is Turkey's fifth most populous province. By the end of 2018, the province's population has reached 2,346,356. Antalya Province is located entirely in the western part of the Mediterranean region between the Gulf of Antalya and the western Taurus. The city of Antalya has expanded rapidly since 1980 due to favorable weather conditions and tourism activities. Antalya's economic life is largely based on trade, agriculture and tourism and it is just a part of tourism potential of Antalya for future.

Being on the Beach in Antalya

One of the biggest tourism potentials of Antalya is sea and beaches. Those who live in Antalya know that living where there is no beach is difficult. There are two seas in Antalya. In addition, if you want to go to the beach far away from the city center, you can reach it by 1-hour bus.

Antalya city's airports

Another important thing about tourism potentials of Antalya is airports. There are two airports for air travel to Antalya: one of them, which is the main airport and the other (Sparta) is located outside Antalya.
  • Antalya Airport (main)
This airport is one of the largest, major and most popular airports in Turkey. Antalya Airport was named Europe's best airport in 2011.
  • Sparta Airport
This airport is located outside of Antalya city and iSparta city. Sparta is 140 km from Antalya. By bus, it is about 3-4 hours.

From Which Countries, People Travel to Antalya?

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced, the country welcomed a total of 11.5 million foreign tourists in the first five months of 2018. Which is only in June, Antalya's share of this number was 2 million foreign tourists! By nationality, the Russians are on top of the list. Also, Antalya welcomed visitors from the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Israel and Denmark. These statistics show that Tourism potential of Antalya are numerous and adapted to any type of taste.

Antalya city's weather

Antalya's climate is generally Mediterranean. In summer, the climate is warm and dry and winter is warm and rainy. Warm weather is a good excuse to swim in the sea. In summer the average temperature is 28-36 degrees. The average annual relative humidity is about 64%. In the coastal region of Antalya-Turkey summer is long and warm. Antalya is one of the tourist areas that hosts tourists for 12 months. Tourists can go to sea for 9 months of the year.

Hotel Price in Antalya

Most of Antalya city's hotels are 4-star and 5-star hotels. It would definitely be said, there is no bad hotel in Antalya (at least very little). Most of them are generally good, very good and great. Fantastic Antalya hotels are the main strength Tourism potential of Antalya. Prices of Antalya hotels are varying and depending on the area where it is located and the facilities. Antalya has five districts and Antalya hotels are spread in these areas. Also, the most luxurious Antalya hotels are located in the Belek area.

Antalya city's Economy

Tourism, trade and agriculture are at the forefront of Antalya's economy. The commercial sector of Antalya-Turkey which remained at a certain level until 1970, has developed since then. In the 1980s, as tourism progressed, various types of luxury shops and accommodations and hotels with leisure facilities were opened. Antalya is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is always full of tourists. Even the Turkish people travel to this city for their holidays. Antalya city is replete with large multi-star hotels. It's better to know most turkey accommodation has ample facilities-based World standards to accommodate tourists. All these facts show tourism potential of Antalya is very high for investing. Therefore, Antalya as a tourist destination, is very suitable for investing and buy hotels or rent hotel. Whereas, Antalya is a touristy city, buy hotels and rent hotel are booming in this city. Also, the Turkish government has devised a variety of facility policies to encourage investors who buy hotels and rent hotels.

Investing in Antalya City

The cities of Antalya and Istanbul attract the most tourists to Turkey. According to 2017 Tourism Statistics, Antalya is the 29th most visited city in the world. Antalya, as the tourist capital of turkey tourism, has various accommodation facilities. There are dozens of ancient cities, historic buildings, historic mosques and churches in Antalya, turkey. Also, Marine tourism in Antalya is built along the coastline. Marine tourism in this area is done along with coastal tourism. The most popular seaside tourism destinations are Konyaalti and Lara beaches. In terms of sports tourism, Antalya city hosts popular sports such as football, tennis and golf. Antalya has facilities for these sports and also hosts seminars for athletes. Although Antalya is known for its summer tourism, but also, is one of the prominent winter tourism cities. Saklıkent Ski Center in Antalya and Akdag Winter Sports in Alayna are a winter tourism centers. For example: Golf tourism; Belek area in Antalya with luxury and five-star hotels, is Paradise for foreign golfers. In 2018, 125,000 foreign golfers traveled to turkey and this area just to play golf in good weather. So Turkish government to boost turkey tourism in sport field, investing heavily in the Belek Antalya region to attract golf tourists. Also, Mountain tourism in Antalya city takes place in high geographical areas that extend from Finike to Alanya. In addition, the Antalya Mountains, located at the base of the Taurus Mountains, are generally composed of limestone in the main skeleton. About 500 caves have been identified in Antalya. So, cave tourism in Antalya can also be done.

Antalya City's Accommodation Facilities

Antalya accommodation facilities are numerous and varied due to the many tourists who travel to turkey. These are one of the top attractions of Antalya city's because most of them are like a magnificent castle with excellent facilities. Luxury Antalya hotels provide dream and comfortable accommodation for travelers. Most of the Antalya city's famous and popular hotels are beside the beach. They can provide memorable days for travelers with beach resorts and cool summer water parks. The different regions of Antalya, Turkey are as follows:
  • Lara
  • Kundu
  • Belek
  • Kemer
  • Side

Buy Hotels or Renting Hotels in Antalya, Turkey

Turkey, as the tenth largest tourist destination in the world and attracting more than 1.2 million tourists in 2017 year, continues to provide extensive investment opportunities in both the newly established and developing sectors of the tourism industry. With favorable location, existing potential, massive projects, and ambitious goals for year 2023, the tourism sector continues to grow at a rate that exceeds its capacity. Although, there has been a wave of investment in Turkey over the past few years, but there are still many opportunities for new investments. Tourism potential of Antalya-Turkey is a combination of nature, history and culture. One way to invest in turkey tourism is to buy hotels or rent hotel in Antalya, Turkey. In this regard, public-private partnerships have simplified administrative procedures and strengthened the protection of foreign investors. Russia and Germany are among the major investors in buy hotels or rent hotels in Turkey. in the light of the above, investment in Antalya city and Alanya is increased. So, the hotel properties for buy and sale has greatly prospered.

The Welfare Level of Antalya Tourists

Antalya is known for holiday destinations outside the city center, but it's also a great historical and cultural destination which is especially affordable compared to Istanbul. Affordable Antalya hotel options in a historic downtown area can be very cheap and great. A number of the beautiful beaches of Antalya area free of charge. So, according to Tourism potential of Antalya and this fact, it can be concluded, Antalya is a cheap and enjoyable blend of culture and sun.

Statistics and Information About Turkey Tourism and Tourism Potential of Antalya

To decide about buy hotels or rent hotel in Antalya in Turkey, you need to know about the statistics of Tourism potential of Antalya. Here are some basic facts and figures about the turkey tourism sector:
  • According to the World Tourism Organization, in year 2016, Turkey was the tenth most popular tourist destination in the world.
  • According to statistics from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in 2017 foreign Tourism industry deals in turkey was 38.6 million$, while the total volume of transactions in tourism industry all over the world was 26 billion$ in the same year.
  • The growth of turkey tourism industry has been above the global average in recent years.
  • Due to religious tourism, Turkey is one of the few countries in the world that has a number of museums of different major religions. Of the 316 museums, 167 belongs to Islam, 129 to Christianity, and 20 to Judaism.
  • Antalya is the most important city in Turkey based on the number of foreign visitors.
  • Antalya has more than 500 four-star and five-star hotels in center and surrounding cities like Kemer, Black, and Kash.
  • The number of chain hotels in Turkey has doubled since 2001. Ownership of 82% of chain and group hotels are internal, the remaining 15% is owned by foreigners. Also, 3% have domestic and foreign ownership together.
  • Turkey has 7200 km coastline and with 454 beaches, it has second place among 38 countries in the world.
  • In terms of tourism potential of hot springs, Turkey is among the top seven countries in the world. Also, turkey with having 1500 hot springs, ranks first in Europe
  • Belek is most important golf destination in Antalya-Turkey. With 15 golf courses and 2 million incoming tourisms, this area is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
  • Medical tourism is developing in Turkey.
Despite the large number of Tourism potential of Antalya, investors can have many options for a lucrative investment in this province and in Turkey in general. One of the most lucrative deals is buy hotels and rent hotel in Antalya.

Investing in Turkey Tourism

Progress in the tourism industry requires the development of on-demand infrastructure and facilities. So, investing in this industry is very important. This investment comprises two major parts of foreign investment and domestic investment. Turkey has been looking for ways to attract investors, so considered strategies and incentives that have been successful so far. These include supportive tools such as VAT deduction, tax abatement, interest rate protection and land allocation. The tourism industry is one of the most thriving industries in the world. Tourism potential of Antalya and other tourist cities of Turkey, has motivated foreign investors. Increased willingness to invest in turkey tourism industry, especially buy hotels or rent hotel, are one of the major benefits of Turkish tourism growth. Investment in Turkey and hotel properties investment in Turkey are on the rise, and there are a lot of investors in this sector. Turkey is currently on its way to joining the European Union, therefore, is in a booming period. This positive situation in Turkey has attracted a large number of investors to Turkey, especially in tourism sector.

Hotel Sale Center

Finally, according to Ernest & Young European Investment Program, Turkey has risen three places in the ranking of the most popular countries for investment and reached 7th place in 2017. By 2002, foreign direct investment Index was $ 15 million. But the country with an investment of about $ 193 million from 2003 to 2017 became one of the most popular countries for investment. Most investors in Antalya-Turkey in the last 15 years are from European, North American and Persian Gulf countries. However, the share of Asian countries is growing. furthermore, Turkey has the fastest growing economy in G20 group. These heralds a remarkable growth in the future. According these facts and the growing trend of the turkey tourism industry, particular tourism potential of Antalya, Turkey buy hotels or rent hotels in these touristic areas, one of the most profitable investments. Till now turkey tourism has monetized almost every type of tourism. Also, this process is rapidly growing. Antalya with having unique beaches, luxury multi-star hotels with dream facilities, golf tourism, mountain resorts and winter sports, as well as numerous music and food festivals and ... has established itself as a popular destination in the world. The large influx of tourists due to tourism potential of Antalya has strengthened the hotel properties market in this region. therefore, it's better to know, buying house is not the only way for investing in Antalya city and buy hotels and rent hotel in Antalya can be a more profitable investment for you. People who are looking to migrate through investment or for any reason want to make a big investment in Turkey, they can invest in the hotel deals market in Turkey. And be confident of the profitability of this investment. Feel free to ask us your questions so that hotel sale center experts can provide you with the best solutions for buy hotels or rent hotel in Antalya as soon as possible. Be sure all aspect of tourism potential of Antalya will check and the most appropriate solutions about hotel properties it will come before you.

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