Types of Tourism in Turkey

In recent years, tourism as a smoke-free industry, has been a major source of income in world trade and an important element in improving the Adjust trading balance and payment balance in many countries. Turkey, has seen an increasing growth in the country's tourism industry in recent decades, too. In this article, we intend to introduce the types of tourism in Turkey.

Types of Tourism in Turkey as A Unique Industry

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, that has affected the world in different ways. Every year, millions of people travel from their homes to different areas for various reasons, such as attractions, business and etc. The tourism industry is not limited to sightseeing, however Rather, the industry has many different types that are developing all over the world.

Tourism is growing so that even the most remote and inaccessible places become an attraction that people tend to go to. Keep up with us to take a look at different types of tourism in turkey.

Different Types of Tourism Turkey in General

Traveling to different places has always been fascinating. Tourism as a concept has come a long way to date. And this activity is divided into different types. As the infrastructure of the tourism industry develops and the competitive environment between regions, companies, etc., we face new ideas and concepts in the industry every day. Nowadays, different types of tourism are developed in a way that is accessible to tourists with different needs and tastes. However, today there are many types of tourism industry that here we introduce some types of tourism in turkey.

Today Turkey is the center of many activities and a good holiday destination for many people all around the world and the world’s 6th most popular tourist destination.

Turkish tourism has undergone rapid growth in various types of tourism styles and government has managed diversify types of tourism in turkey during three decades. In addition to coastal tourism (Sun Sea Sand Triple S) - one of its most important attractions- it added other types of tourism such as health tourism, sport tourism, winter tourism and adventure, halal tourism and etc. to its tourism industry.

The growth of the hotel industry, especially luxury Antalya hotels, Halal tourism as a Muslim country and the creation of business opportunities for foreign investors, especially in real estate, which has made Turkey one of the world's largest economies, among the factors contributing to the increase in foreign tourists arriving, attracting capital and boosting Turkey's economic income.

Due to high tourism potential of this country, some financiers who want to invest in the turkey's tourism business, choose hotel sector and looking for hotel properties for sale and for rent in Turkey.

Available Types of Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is the center of many tourist activities and a good holiday destination for many people with any taste. Nowadays, different types of tourism in turkey are developed in a way that is accessible to tourists with different needs and tastes.

  • Cultural Tourism in Turkey

Cultural tourism forms an important part of the global demand for tourism and is one of the most important types of tourism in turkey. According to the World Tourism Organization, 37% of international tourism is culturally motivated and this demand is increasing.

Cultural tourism is the journey of people from their place of residence to places of cultural attractions. The concept of cultural tourism comes from things like the history of a particular area, the way people live in a particular geographical location, architecture, traditions, religions, festivals, food, and so on. Cultural tourism activities in urban areas also may include visiting museums, theaters, art galleries and more.

The head of the Union of Turkish Travel Agencies, while pointing to the boom of cultural tourism in the country and holding attractive tours, stated: High-quality and attractive cultural tourism tours are held in Turkey and the number of tourists has increased almost six-fold over the past two years. Tourism in Turkey is not confined to the sea and the coast but is widely attracted by many tourists worldwide.

Booms of Cultural Tourism in Turkey

Types of Tourism in Turkey is largely focused on a variety of historical sites. Turkey is spread over the two continents and the larger part is Anatolia in Asia and another part is called Trakya in Europe. This feature has also made Turkey's tourist attractions exemplary throughout Asia and Europe. Turkey has also been the center of communication between ancient Greece, Iran, Rome and Eastern Rome. The Ottoman Empire was also one of the most important empires in the history in present Turkey. This rich history has brought a rich culture to Turkey and doubled its attractions. This important types of tourism in turkey is so popular.

Turkey is one of the most powerful places for culture tourism. This country has many cities with modern art museums, galleries, concert areas, and also with variety of festivals which held regularly. Also, historic landmarks such as churches and mosques, synagogues are a reminder of the rich history of this country.

Tourism growth in Turkey is steadily increasing and hotels in historic cities such as Mardin and Sanliurfa all the time are full, and new hotels are opening or under development.

Also, financiers are opening boutique hotels in restored historic mansions and caravansaries to meet the cultural tourism demand in cities like Istanbul and Antalya, Izmir, Konya and... All this information points to a boom in the hotel sales sector in Turkey.

Some of the most important cities in these types of tourism in turkey include: Van, Istanbul, Antalya, Trabzon, Cappadocia, Bodrum, Ephesus and etc.

  • Health and Medical Tourism in Turkey

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) specifically defines health tourism as:

Use of services that promote or enhance a person's health increase one's morale (using mineral water, weather or medical interventions) which done at outside the person's place of residence, which lasts more than 24 hours.

In recent years, health tourism throughout the world as well as Turkey has been growing rapidly and it has become a very important alternative sector in the tourism industry. Turkey's geographical location, health-related organizations and institutions, educated and trained human resources in the health sector, therapeutic hot springs and natural beauty are characteristics of a fascinating place in terms of health tourism. Turkey is also one of the most significant countries in the world in terms of health tourism due to its historical richness and progress in health.

Health tourism should not be limited to medical tourism. Health tourism can be divided into three categories: medical tourism, hot water tourism, and tourism for the elderly and disabled.

According to statistics published by the Turkey's Health Tourism Foundation, 70% of people who come to Turkey for medical tourism, is from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Austria and the Middle East. 92% of them prefer private hospitals and 8% prefer public hospitals.

There have been huge leaps in Turkey’s health tourism in the last 9 years.

Turkey, is a place where tourists can find better opportunities of healthcare and spend their holiday at the same time

Relation between Health Tourism and Development of Hotel sector in Turkey

Along with other types of tourism in turkey, health tourism has also grown tremendously. According to the reports of Istanbul International Health Tourism Association, Turkey has seen an influx of Health tourists over the past 10 years. Its rising from 75,000 visitors in 2007 to more than 700,000 in 2017. It is estimated that this number become one million by the end of 2019.

This volume of tourist growth, requires special hotels for this sector. For this reason, hotels near health center and hospitals with special facilities have been made in different cities or are also on the build schedule. For this reason, hotels near health center and hospitals with special facilities have been made in different cities or are also on the build schedule.

These activities have led to many changes and growth in the real estate market and hotel properties in Turkey. This has led to foreign investment in the hotel sector as a lucrative business.

Some of the most important cities in this types of tourism in turkey are: Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya.

Trending Medical Treatments in Turkey:

  • Dental Treatment
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Eye Surgery
  • Hair Transplants
  • Spa Treatment
  • Honeymoon Tourism in Turkey

Today wedding is something more than just a celebration. Traditional weddings are held in their own way, but with western twist. The Caribbean Tourism Organization defines Honeymoon tourism as: international travels that are taken by tourists who get married or celebrate their wedding.

History of honeymoon goes back to ancient Greeks, but the modern-type of honeymoons has become ubiquitous since the 1980s.

Based on reports in 2014, honeymoon tourism and romantic tourism generated $28 billion in worldwide. This kind of tourism, has a lucrative tourist market because honeymooners spend significantly more than general travelers. Previous studies have shown that newlywed couples are willing to spend time on vacations, three times more than a regular vacation, and on average the honeymoon lasting 7-9 days. As a once in-a-lifetime experience, a honeymoon may be the first trip couples take together and is an opportunity to spend time together, get away from daily routines and family environment.

So, popular locations may not be able to compete in the worldwide honeymoon tourism sector. Therefore, it shows the important of understanding the market-specific and destination-specific factors relevant to this niche market.

Destinations for Honeymoon Tourism-Turkey

other types of tourism in turkey, is Honeymoon Tourism. Turkey has a variety of cities that Honeymooners can choose one of them for honeymoon.


Antalya tops the list of suitable cities for honeymoon in Turkey. Tourism potential of Antalya for honeymoon is great. There are many luxury five star hotels in Antalya that offer excellent facilities to their guests. The high quality of hotel services and their affordable prices make Antalya one of the best honeymoon destinations for young couples.


Izmir is also one of the seaside towns of Turkey. If you would like to spend your honeymoon in a city where you can both get to know the culture and enjoy the nature, Izmir is a good choice. Izmir Special Features for Honeymoon are Various Ports and Beaches, Plenty of Local Markets and Hospitality People. We suggest to read more about this city on Izmir tourism potential.


Istanbul is offered to couples who consider honeymoon as a chance to gain new experiences and their honeymoon is not just about spending time with their spouse and relaxing on the beach. In general, Istanbul has the potential to accommodate all tourists of all ages.


Marmaris is suitable for couples who are interested in nightlife and would like to stay in a city where there are many night-lives. Beautiful beaches, the possibility of short boat trips, small and large islands are special features of Marmaris for honeymoon.

The high potential of honeymoon tourism in Turkey has caused many Honeymooners motivate to come to these areas and it would be a good reason for the expansion of the hotel sector in these cities. Hotel property market in these cities, has a special boom.

  • Summer Tourism in Turkey

Summer tourism refers to tourists who spend their holidays on beaches and it is a sub branch of types of tourism in Turkey. Turkey surrounded by four seas: Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Marmara Sea and Black Sea. So, there is no surprise that Turkey with its beautiful beaches with a shiny sun and clean water, is one of the best places for summer holidays.

  • Winter Tourism in Turkey

Kartepe in Izmir

Winter Tourism refers to travel on the coldest season of the year. Winter is a good time for having vacations, for travelers who like winter sports. Here are many famous winter sports and ski resorts in Turkey. Uludağ in Bursa, Kartalkaya in Bolu and Kartepe in Izmir are best destinations for winter tourism in Turkey.

  • Sport Tourism in Turkey

Sport tourism refers to trips that involve watching a sport or participating in such competitions. Turkey hosted 550,000 tourists for various sports activities during 2014. And the country has raised more than $ 900 million in providing sports services to foreign tourists and hosting international sporting events. Another attractive types of tourism in turkey is Sport Tourism. Turkey is trying to increase its share of sports tourism with new investments in setting up sports facilities and hosting various tournaments and events.

Each year, an average of about 1,200 football teams are holding preparations camps in Turkey and generating $ 100m in revenue for the Turkish economy. Turkey ranks 18th in the world hosting sports events.

  • Business Tourism in Turkey

One of the fastest growing types of tourism in turkey is Business Tourism. As we said before, Turkey due to its location in both Europe and Asia continent and being near to Africa and Russia, is the capital of conventions and international congresses.

Great destinations for this type of tourism in Turkey are: Istanbul, Antalya, İzmir, Bursa, Ankara

Finally, it should be noted that all types of tourism in turkey has undergone rapid growth. Tourism is one of Turkey's fastest growing and most dynamic economic sectors. Therefore, any investment in this area especially in hotel sector, is considered a lucrative investment. If you decided Participate in Turkey's tourism investment sector, hotels sale center company agents, can help you.

If you want to know more about types of tourism in turkey and foreign investments in tourism or need additional information about how to open a hotel in turkey, contact our consultants.

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