Variety of Hotels for sale in Istanbul Turkey

This article reviews the variety of hotels for sale in Istanbul as a touristic city and will discuss about the necessity of expanding the hotels in this wonderful city, based on the high Tourism Potential of Istanbul.

Istanbul is Turkey's largest city in the Marmara region and its cultural and economic center. Istanbul is the only major city in the world which located in two continents. This metropolis was chosen as the European Capital of Culture in Year 2010. It is also the world's third largest tourist city in terms of foreign tourists. Due to all Tourism Potential of Istanbul, made great progress most of various types of tourism.

The Reasons for The Variety of Hotels for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

The tourism industry is a combination of different activities, services and infrastructure, which the most important of these are accommodation centers and hotels. The importance of hoteling and its special place in the tourism industry and its role in attracting tourists is clear to all.

Today, hoteling is no longer a purely commercial activity, but It is a cultural economic activity and an industry. The goals of tourism development and the promotion of the quantitative and qualitative tourism activities have inextricably linked to this industry. especially in cities which have high tourism potential.

Which city better than Istanbul? From the first half of 2017, 36% of the Turkey's foreign tourists have chosen Istanbul as their holiday destination, which is shows the importance of Istanbul in Turkey's tourism sector. So, given the boost of tourism activities, in terms of hotel investments, Istanbul has become the leading city. Based on these facts, about high Tourism Potential of Istanbul, there are Variety of Hotels for sale in Istanbul and buy hotel or rent hotel has become a profitable investing in this city.

Next, we will review variety of hotels for sale in Istanbul.

Tourism Growth in Istanbul

Except that Istanbul is known as the cultural, historical and commercial pulse of Turkey, this metropolitan has become the new travel destination for tourists from Middle East as well as other emerging market countries. Istanbul Culture and Tourism Directorate announced in year 2016, more than 4,44 million foreign tourists visited Istanbul. The highest number of foreign visitors of Istanbul in year 2017, came from Germany (9,2% of the total visitors) Iran (7,7%) and Russian Federation (4,3%).

Also, according to the reports of MasterCard Global Destination in 2016, Istanbul ranked third in Europe’s Top 10 Destination Cities by International Overnight Visitors and Cross- Border Spending.

According to a statistic released in 2016, in terms of tourism licensed rooms, tourism potential of Antalya has the first rank with 193.506 rooms, followed by Istanbul and Mugla with 51.483 and 51.146 rooms in 2016 respectively. As a result، due to the high potential of tourism in Istanbul the need to expand the number of hotels, optimally manage them, buy hotel or rent hotel, the success rate of this business is on the rise in Istanbul.

Below, we will discuss the important reasons for this growth and why Istanbul is a good destination for tourists.

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul has been the heart and soul of Turkey for many years. this city with a population of more than 5 million, is the only city in the world which is located on the continents of Europe and Asia. Istanbul is also the most visited tourist destination of Turkey. Some people are so attracted to the city that they go to Istanbul over and over again during the holidays. Some are buying houses in this city. So that, a large population of immigrants of different nationalities, has chosen Istanbul to live.

Those who go to this city, whether they are from the tourist group or living there, they all have one thing in common and it is that they are fascinated by this beautiful historic city. Tourism Potential of Istanbul is variety and this different attraction will raise variety of hotels for sale in istanbul. In the following, some Tourism Potential of Istanbul will be mentioned.

· People Hospitality

Hospitality is one of the most important Tourism Potential of Istanbul. Istanbul's people are known for their hospitality. The desire of good-hearted Turks to communicate with tourist in a good and friendly mood is very evident.

· City of Culture and History

Istanbul was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire same as the Ottoman capital. The old part of the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Hundreds of Ottoman museums and palaces, such as the dolmabahce palace, fully explain the Ottoman dynasty. The Blue Mosque built in the year 1616 by the most prominent Ottoman architect and Hagia Sophia have completely combined two artworks of the world's greatest religions.

· City of Amazing Food

A trip is good, when it comes with good food. The wonderful experience of the most varied and delicious food in Istanbul should not be missed. Whatever your tastes, you will find favorite foods on the menu of Turkish restaurants. From seafood restaurants in the Ortakoy neighborhood, to expensive restaurants, you can find whatever food you want in this city.

· Shopping in Istanbul

Bazaars are a huge part of Istanbul’s character. Istanbul Grand Bazaar is one of the world’s largest Bazaar in the world with more than 30,000 square meters. Auctions in Istanbul have no special season and are always in place. From brand shops to local markets can be found in Istanbul. Most neighborhoods in Istanbul operate their own weekly bazaar. Shops and markets are always crowded in this city and you can find the world's latest fashions.

· Low Costs in Istanbul

Unlike tourist cities such as Barcelona, ​​Paris and Rome, there are no astronomical prices in Istanbul. The price of food and drinks are very cheap and affordable. tourists can easily buy clothes and gifts and souvenirs for a small fee.

· Leisure Collections

From natural landscapes to boats and rides and the Amusement Park and pools and baths Provides set of entertainments in Istanbul.

· Low Cost of Accommodation in Istanbul

An important factor that has motivated many tourists to visit Istanbul and make Istanbul a popular tourist destination is logical price of Istanbul's hotels. The cost of staying in Istanbul hotels depends on several factors, like the location of hotel.

· Tourist Attractions

Istanbul has many tourist attractions. Most important of them are:

  • Hagia Sophia Museum
  • The Blue Mosque
  • Bosporus
  • Basilica Cistern
  • Galata Tower
  • Mısır Çarşısı

· International Festivals

Another Tourism Potential of Istanbul are its famous festivals. Istanbul is one of the best cities in the world to host festivals and events. Given that Turkey is bordered by eight other countries, and considering that Istanbul located Asia and Europe, has a mixed culture of East and West.

Some of these festivals are:

  • Istanbul International Music Festival
  • Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival
  • Istanbul Dance Festival
  • Istanbul Coffee Festival
  • Istanbul Biennial
  • Istanbul Games Festival
  • Istanbul Jazz Festival
  • Milyonfest-İstanbul

Types of Tourists in Istanbul, Turkey

Humans travel for a variety of reasons: entertainment, adventure, meeting relatives, as well as business and commerce. Above we talked about the reasons for traveling to Istanbul from a traveler's perspective. In this section, we want to address the types of tourists traveling to Istanbul.

  • Business Tourism in Istanbul

Business travel, business mission, or business tourism has become one of the most prominent areas of the tourism industry today. Due to the special economic status of Istanbul, this area has great potential to thrive in the tourism industry in Istanbul. Now, multinationals, branch offices and corporate offices in Istanbul have branches and that has led to a growing number of business trips to this city.

Also, given the importance of Istanbul, demand for high profile meetings and conferences, business tourism will be increasing more and more in near future.

  • Health Tourism in Istanbul

In recent years, health tourism throughout the world, as well as Turkey, has been growing rapidly and it has become a very important alternative in the tourism industry. Turkey ranks 10th among the cheapest and highest quality medical services in the world. So, this could also be a good reason to choose this country or Istanbul as a Health Tourism destination.

Istanbul's Geographical location, health-related organizations and institutions, educated and trained human resources in the health sector, therapeutic hot water and natural beauty from the point of view of health tourism is an attraction point. One of the best American hospitals in Istanbul is the American Hospital of Hastanesi. On the other hand, if you are looking for more affordable services along with high-end amenities, Acibadem Private Hospital is another of Istanbul's hospitals and medical centers that provide special services to foreigners.

This expansion of the range of travelers who are interested in traveling to this city has led to the availability of variety of hotels for sale in Istanbul to provide better accommodation for Health tourism travelers.

  • Winter Tourism in Istanbul

Istanbul is beautiful even during winter and snowfall. Istanbul's Wonderful and attractive winter's moments, with affordable price points, will make a good trip for winter tourists. Sled Rider on chıldır Frozen Lake, Skiing and snowboarding at the Kartepe Ski Center makes amazing winter's memories for tourists.

Also, one of the reasons for traveling to Istanbul in winter is to buy cheaper and more affordable clothes from world famous brands.

  • Halal tourism in Istanbul

Halal tourism is one of the newest phenomena in the tourism industry specifically for Muslims Which covers various aspects including beverages and food, leisure and tourism services and all its services are in accordance with the laws of Islam. Halal Vacations has become a thriving business with more than $ 100 billion in revenue annually.

Istanbul is also one of the cities with a Muslim population, for this reason, most restaurants in the city serve halal foods like Orhan or Old Ottoman Restaurant.

Hotel Sale for Investing in the Tourism Sector of Istanbul

According to STR reports of 2017, Istanbul’s hotel occupancy rates increased by 8,3%. Turkey’s hotel industry is growing and many major chain hotels looking to expand their presence within the country. International hotel groups have identified the long-term potential of Turkey, and are eager to investments in the country.

The enhance the collection of luxury hotel brands in Istanbul and its position in the tourism industry have created a great opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs. Based on this data, starting a profitable business in hotel industry in Istanbul is exceptional position.

Due to the increase in the number of tourists in Istanbul Providing a suitable place to accommodate tourists is necessary. So, in such a situation the hotel business, something like buy hotel or rent hotel would be a lucrative business. Hotel sale center will be your guide to buy hotel or rent hotel in Istanbul.

Every investor wants to know how to get started and how to find reliable information on all variety of hotels for sale in Istanbul. The thing which important is a professional guide to clear the way for you and provide different options to suit your budget.

So, to finding answer for these questions, or buy hotel or rent hotel in Istanbul, you can contact experts of hotel sale center in Turkey.

Buy Hotel or Rent Hotel Based on Variety of Hotels for Sale in Istanbul - Turkey

Tourism Potential of Istanbul, in comparison with other Turkish destinations, such as Antalya, has made Istanbul the most touristy city in Turkey. On the other hand, new attractions such as theme parks and extensive shopping opportunities make Istanbul a preferred destination for both domestic and international tourists.

Hotel investments are expected to boost tourism in Istanbul and securing its place as a top travel destination. So, if you also decide to buy or rent a hotel in Istanbul on your budget, you can be sure it will be a beneficial investment.

As you know one of the main problems about investing in a foreign country is finding reliable source for information about the laws of that country. In this situation, it is necessary to consult with professional's experts as hotel sale center, who are qualified to guide you about variety of hotels for sale in Istanbul.

Of course, variety of hotels for sale in Istanbul are available, but hotel sale center consultants, would advise suitable hotels, depending on your purpose and budget.

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