Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya

In This article we will reviews the Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya Turkey as a Coastal city and talk about the necessity of expanding the hotels in this touristic city, based on the high Antalya Tourism Potential.

Antalya has become one of the most popular cities in Turkey today due to its many tourist attractions. Located in the western part of Turkey and close to the Mediterranean Sea, so this city has pleasant Mediterranean climate. Investing in the tourism industry in the city since 2000 Due to all Antalya Tourism Potential has made Antalya a significant improvement in tourism and leisure.

Antalya is Turkey's largest international seaside resort with an average of 12.5 million tourists annually. Its climate is such that it is sunny for about 300 days and features many activities such as surfing, water skiing, sailing, mountaineering and so on. Antalya also has important historical sites

So you see Antalya Tourism Potential kept everyone happy. And on the other hand, Luxury hotels and hotel properties, provided a way to invest in Antalya by hotel sale, buy hotel or rent hotel among Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya Turkey. Antalya is very suitable for investment in the hotel and tourism industry as well as being suitable for living due to its climate and coastline.

Follow us, to get acquainted with Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya Turkey and Understand why we offer Antalya for investment.

The Reasons for the Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya Turkey

Most regions and cities of Turkey are touristic and the tourist areas are a kind of business district. Therefore, most Turkish cities are good for investment. every year, Many people startup businesses and investments in Turkey. People with different motivations and goals may travel to Antalya. variety of Antalya Tourism Potential will enhance variety of hotels for sale in Antalya. In the following some of Antalya Tourism Potential we will mention

Turkey, with a population of about 77 million and its geographical location, has been able to shine well in the economy. In the last two years, the Turkish government has significantly improved its economy by adopting new policies. That is why a lot of money is being pumped through investment by foreign nationals to its economy. Turkey is surrounded by great seas, so the commercial location of coastal cities is good for investment.

Antalya is one of the main attractions of Turkish tourism. Antalya is popular for many people in Europe. The Antalya coast and the lush green areas of the city have attracted many tourists. due to its climate and coastline Antalya Tourism Potential can satisfy any taste. since the number of tourists is also high, it can be suitable for investment in tourism and hotel and hotel sale, buy hotel or rent hotel in Antalya is considered a lucrative business. Accordingly, our team in the field of sale hotel in turkey, provides you comprehensive information about Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya Turkey

Process of Tourism Growth in Antalya

Antalya is actually a province and its center is also called Antalya. The Turkish government has succeeded in attracting foreign tourists to this attractive destination by providing numerous facilities in the city. These days, different parts of Antalya have become more popular. Places like Lara's tourist district, Side or the outskirts of the city Kemer, attract tourists with its extraordinary hotels.

Since 2000, investment in the development of the Antalya tourism industry has begun. Investors' efforts are now under way and various hotels, water parks and recreation centers in Antalya have been put into operation. This day, most of the Antalya indigenous people's income comes from foreign tourists. Antalya Tourism Potential is many different with Tourism Potential of Istanbul. The beautiful nature, the good weather and the numerous recreational facilities make Antalya the most popular destination for tourists every year. Follow us on to tell more about Antalya's investment opportunities.

Antalya a city with luxury hotels with ALL and U-ALL services for foreign tourists?

As mentioned above, the remarkable development of the Turkish tourism industry has made Antalya one of the most visited destinations for people around the world to visit. Antalya is one of the most visited cities in Turkey and most tourist often choose this city for travel to enjoy the beaches and enjoy the nature. Follow us on to tell more about Antalya's attractions.

· Antalya's Weather

Antalya's climate is Mediterranean and it has a very sunny summer and a mild winter. The city's temperature is usually 30 ° C. And the winters are as low as 5 degrees

· Hotels in Antalya

One of the benefits that Antalya tourists choose this city, is the existence of big, stylish and luxurious 5-star hotels in Antalya. Most of these hotels also provide ALL and UALL services. You just have to stay in one of these hotels to enjoy all the hotel services at no cost, including breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, drinks and all free hotel entertainment. Antalya travel is usually held 6 nights and 7 nights, and Antalya is mostly for those who want to rest and have fun.

Antalya hotels are built in a few cities that we will discuss below. Antalya Tourism Potential and different hotel areas causes Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya Turkey

  • Lara: Lara is the most popular area of Antalya. Because it is very close to the city center of Antalya and it has many beaches and many recreation centers. Most famous Antalya hotels are located in the area.
  • Kemer: Kemer has become more popular with tourists due to its abundance of water and greenery. And for those who love sailing, scuba diving and swimming in clear and fresh waters, it is the best option. Of course, the city is 40 km from Antalya city center.
  • Belek: Belek is a very lush and beautiful area and is a romantic place for many couples looking for a dream area for their honeymoon.If you love nature and forest, you are strongly advised to stay in the area.The area also has one of the largest golf courses.
  • Side: Side is a very famous historical harbor area. If you are in love with the harbor or historic sites it is recommended to stay in this area. The hotels in this area are a bit more typical than other parts of Antalya.

· Intercity transport

Antalya is connected to different regions of Turkey by air, land and sea. Antalya Airport has an area of ​​13 million square meters and its current capacity is 30 million passengers. The airport has two international terminals and one domestic terminal, and After Istanbul airports, it is Turkey's busiest airport and the 4th busiest airport in Europe.

There are various roads connecting Antalya to nearby towns and other cities. Most sea travelers travel from Greece to Marmaris, then They come to this city by bus.

· Urban transportation

Antalya's inter-city public transport services include buses, tramway are city-style trains, taxis and dolmosh. The buses that have the lowest fare have air-conditioned and stations throughout the city.

· Antalya Festivals

The city of Antalya hosts a variety of festivals and events each year, some of the most famous of them are:

  • International Folk Music and Dance Festival
  • Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival
  • Antalya summer Festival
  • International Antalya Film Festival

· Antalya and Economics

Antalya was chosen for the big exhibition World Expo in 2016. It has an international airport and many daily flights around the world. Investment in the hotel properties is booming. Antalya has about 400 beaches. Konyaaltı Beach in Antalya is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Turkey.

Of the two and a half million inhabitants of Antalya more than 100,000 are foreigners, most of them in order:

Russians, Germans, British, French, Ukrainians, Uzbekistan, Georgians, Iranians, Arabs, Syrians and Emirates. more than twenty European and American International Academies and Universities in Antalya have student admission.

Why Antalya is a Popular Destination for Foreign Tourist

Antalya, due to its unique nature, attracts tourists looking for a quiet holiday in a seaside town. Turkey has taken a big step in attracting foreign tourists with more than 600 international 5 stars' hotels. The best European golf fields, soccer fields, hot springs, etc. are located in Antalya

According to Euro monitor International Tourism Information, Antalya has been ranked among the top 100 most visited cities in the world in 2015.

Types of Tourism in Antalya, Turkey

Most tourists prefer Istanbul and Antalya cities to travel to Turkey. The number of tourists is increasing every year. tourists travel for a variety of reasons to turkey: entertainment, adventure, meeting relatives, as well as business and commerce. Above we talked about the reasons for traveling to Antalya from a traveler's perspective. In this section, we want to review the types of tourists traveling to Antalya:

Ø Health Tourism in Antalya

Antalya, one of the popular tourism destinations of Turkey, with its ever-growing Antalya Tourism Potential and excellent nature is also very active in the Health Tourism sector. The strong healthcare facilities in Antalya offer opportunities for people who travel to this city for medical care. in Antalya, alongside tourism industry healthcare infrastructure is also very well developed.

There are in Antalya: 14 public hospitals, 27 private hospitals, 2 university hospitals, 22 private health centers, 23 dialysis centers, 5 IVF Clinics, 6 oral and dental clinics, 20 polyclinics, 79 mouth–dental health polyclinics, 1 hyperbaric oxygen treatment center, 2 organ transplantation centered laboratory and institutions, 50 emergency health services stations.

Due to high Antalya Tourism Potential with many attractions in parallel with highly equipped healthcare facilities and experts medical, Antalya has a good place in turkey's health tourism. This increase in the number of tourism in different types needs to increase the number of hotels in Antalya. As a result, the sale hotel in turkey market in Antalya has boomed and the number of available Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya Turkey has increased.

Ø Honeymoon Tourism in Antalya

A honeymoon is a kind of special trip taken by couples immediately after their wedding, to celebrate their marriage. Today, people prefer celebrate their honeymoons in destinations considered exotic or romantic. Honeymoon trips can be domestic or international.

lots of people for many reasons choose turkey for their honeymoon trips. Antalya is on tops the list of cities suitable for honeymoon in Turkey. The main reason is that Antalya is a seaside town with good weather and makes it possible for couples to enjoy sunrise and sunset on the beaches every day. There are many luxury five star hotels in Antalya that offer excellent facilities to their guests. The high quality of hotel services and their affordable prices make Antalya one of the best travel destinations for young couples.

Ø Summer Tourism in Antalya

Antalya is one of Turkey's most popular resorts, attracting millions of tourists each year from around the world in summer. Plenty of resorts, great weather, soft sandy beaches and warm waters make this a great summer holiday destination.

Ø Winter Tourism in Antalya

A trip to Antalya in winter is recommended for those who do not like crowded places and like to visit the beauty and attractions of the city in the low season.

Skiing in Antalya Snowy Mountains, Balloons riding in Cappadocia are Popular winter recreations in the city.

Ø Halal Tourism

Halal tourism is one of the newest phenomena in the tourism industry specifically for Muslims Which covers various aspects including beverages and food, leisure and tourism services and all its services are in accordance with the laws of Islam.

In Antalya, as in other Turkish cities, there are hotels that offer halal tourism services, for example: Selge Beach Resort & Spa Antalya Hotel is a 5-star hotel located 75 km from Antalya city center. And it offers a variety of halal foods and spa services. There is also a beach and a swimming pool for women, as well as recreational and family amenities.

Finally, this expansion of the range of travelers who are interested in traveling to Antalya has led to the availability of Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya Turkey to provide better accommodation for tourists.

Hotel Sale, Buy Hotel or Rent Hotel Based on Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya Turkey

Under current economic conditions, investment in tourism and hotel sector in Antalya like hotel sale, buy hotel or rent hotel has a growing trend among foreigners. The State Statistical Office shows that in the first half of the year 2018, foreign property sales grew substantially by 23%.

Antalya is famous for 500 kilometers of splendid coastline and 300 sunny days in one year. As the trend shows, so long as many tourists experience Mediterranean travel, need to invest in tourism and hotel sector is also increasing.

Based on this fact, starting a specific business in Antalya tourism is a smart move. Providing hotels to accommodate tourists who annually growing, providing good service and satisfying them of course is a beneficial, investment. hotel sale center will guide you to hotel sale buy hotel or rent hotel in Antalya from list of Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya Turkey

But the idea of how to get started need Valid information about Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya Turkey. so for start a new business you need a professional guide to show the way for you and provide different options based on your budget. if you looking to find answer for these questions, or buy hotel or rent hotel in Antalya, you can contact experts of hotel sale center in turkey.

For investing in a foreign country, the lack of sufficient information can cause a lot of loss. In this situation, it is necessary to consult with professional experts same as hotel sale center, who have sufficient information about the investment laws and Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya Turkey

Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya Turkey There are Variety of Hotels for sale in Antalya Turkey, but our consultants, will prefer best to you depending on your purpose and budget.

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