Variety of Hotels for sale in Ankara Turkey

This article reviews the variety of hotels for sale in Ankara and will discuss about the necessity of expanding the hotels in this big city, based on the high Ankara tourism potential. Ankara is the capital and second largest city of Turkey and one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. Ankara, the Turkish capital, has made significant progress in recent years by turning from a remote Anatolian dusty city to an important scene for international affairs. Due to Ankara tourism potential, also made great progress in the tourism industry and in various types of tourism.

The reasons for the variety of hotels for sale in Ankara Turkey

A good hotel plays an important role in the comfort and convenience of travelers and can play an important role in travel memories. People start traveling with different reasons and motivations, each pursuing different goals. Some people travel for fun and some for discovering the unknown. Some have to travel and others travel for work and earnings, and others travel for treatment and health. Of course, the important thing that is common to all these travelers is their need for a place to stay.

Ankara's annual increase in tourists, has strengthened the need to provide travelers with the necessary of accommodation. Ankara, with a population of nearly 5 million, is Turkey's second largest city after Istanbul and has many reasons to attract travelers and tourists. Ankara tourism potential can satisfy any taste.

People with different motivations and goals may travel to Ankara. Ankara's tourism sector is active in various fields of tourism such as business tourism, health tourism, winter tourism and halal tourism. as a result, in the light of the growth of the tourism industry in different types, the need to expand the number of hotels, optimally manage them, buy hotel or rent hotel, the success rate of this business is on the rise in Ankara. Accordingly, our team in the field of hotel sale in turkey, provides you comprehensive information about hotels and tourists type reviews in Ankara. Next, we will review variety of hotels for sale in Ankara.

Investigation of Tourism Growth in Ankara

Due to affordable travel cost and available variety options for tourists, Turkey is considered as one of the most attractive destinations in recent years. In addition to the above, the country attracts tourists by classic sun & great beaches, cultural and historical landmarks as well as health services, conferences and exhibitions.

Ankara is known as a populated city and the second largest city in the turkey following Istanbul. But Ankara Tourism Attractions is many different with Tourism Potential of Istanbul.

This city with a population of around 4. 5 million is the administrative center of the nation. One of the most important reasons for traveling to Ankara is its being capital. The capital of any country is the most important city in that country in terms of administrative, political, commercial, and so it is logical for many people to travel to the capital of a country. As a result, tourism growth in the city in recent years is not very strange. Below we will discuss the important reasons for this growth and why Ankara is a good destination for tourists.

Why is Ankara being a destination for European and Asian tourists?

People with different motivations and goals may travel to Ankara. Ankara Tourism Potential is variety and this different charm will enhance variety of hotels for sale in Ankara. In the following some of Ankara Tourism Potential we will mention.

· Health Service

In recent years, health tourism in Turkey has been growing rapidly. According to statistics published by the turkey's Health Tourism Foundation 70% of people who goes to Turkey for medical and health tourism, are from Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria and the Middle East.

According to the Ankara Health Tourism Association (ASTUD), Turkey is Fully stabilized in the health tourism industry and by 2023 it has a $ 20 billion stake in the world health tourism market.

· The Embassies

There are many embassies in Ankara that many foreigners, especially Iranians, visit to embassies for immigration and education.

· Ankara is very beautiful

Although Ankara is very crowded because of its being capital, but it has its own beauties. There are many sights and attractions in Ankara that make traveling to this city a memorable journey. So, visiting and seeing the beautiful face of the city and sights such as Ankara Castle, Citadel or Military Fortress, Kizilay Square and so on can be one of the reasons for traveling to Ankara.

· Food

Undoubtedly the food and the culinary experience and the delicious food of a country and city can be an exciting part of the journey. Turkish chefs are known for their delicious and delectable dishes, and one of the reasons why traveling to Ankara can be the experience of these unique dishes. Ankara is the capital of Turkey and for this reason there are a variety of restaurants, cafes and Street foods all over the city.

· Easy Access to Advanced Transportation System

One of the concerns of every traveler is how to access to public transportation system. Fortunately, Ankara is very tourist-friendly; so, it is almost impossible to get lost in this city. Even, if you are traveling to this city for the first time and or if the map is not with you, you can easily find your way. All city buses eventually go to the central Kizilay district. This is one of the reasons for traveling to Ankara and makes tourists not afraid of traveling to this city.

· Education and Training

Some of Turkey's best universities are located in Ankara. This has made the city's youth population very large and many people travel to Turkey to continue their education at universities of this city. Famous Hajat Tape University and Gazi University are located in Ankara.

· Tourist Attractions

One of the best reasons for travel to Ankara is visit the city's famous tourist attractions. most important of them are:

  • Ankara Castle
  • Roman Bath
  • Altinkoy Open Air Museum
  • Anitkabir
  • Gençlik Park

· International Festival

Another reason for traveling to Ankara is attending on the world's most famous festivals. The Ankara Music Festival is being held in April, and music institutions and academies, musicians and artists from all over Europe and the world traveling to Ankara to attend this festival.

The Ankara Film Festival also is one of the most prestigious festivals in the region and in the world. The festival was started in 1988 and it has become a world-renowned festival today. Filmmakers and artists from around the world present their works to the festival and travel to Ankara.

· Fun and Entertainment

Ankara is definitely a city where people and tourists can enjoy the most exciting and top-notch entertainment. One of the recreations that any age enjoys with any taste is the amusement park and exciting toys in it. And, of course, Ankara also has one of the best and most wonderful of them. Tourists can use the Ankapark's 1217 toys to entertain themselves and spend a great day.

Another area of ​​recreation in Ankara is the Gölbaşı region. This park has good restaurants and nice cafes. Ankara Ataturk Forest Park, Genclik Park and Chanakya are other places of excursion are in Ankara.

Types of tourists in Ankara, Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations among different nations and millions of tourists travel to its different cities every year. Ankara also has its share of the Turkish tourism market. Above we talked about the reasons for traveling to Ankara from a traveler's perspective. In this section, we want to address the types of tourists traveling to Ankara.

Ø Business Tourism in Ankara

Due to Ankara's position as the capital of Turkey, lots of this city's tourist are business tourists. On the other hand, conferences, seminars, exhibitions held annually in Ankara attract many business tourists to this city.

Ø Health Tourism in Ankara

Due to strong healthcare infrastructure, high quality facilities and having mineral springs, Ankara has a great potential for health tourism. Ankara with 58 public hospitals and 33 private hospitals provide high-technology medical services along with highly qualified personnel.

it's good to know that, emergency call number 112 and almost all of prominent hospitals of Ankara offer translation services in commonly spoken languages such as English, Arabic and Russian. Ankara's hospital offers affordable standard medical services, compared with the Western counterparts. This alone is one of the major reasons for attracting health tourists from European countries.

This expansion of the range of travelers who are interested in traveling to this city has led to the availability of variety of hotels for sale in Ankara to provide better accommodation for travelers.

Ø Winter Tourism in Ankara

Ankara is more beautiful than ever during winter and snowfall. Mount Alma in Ankara is one of the most popular recreation areas in winter and has many fans. So, for travelers who like skiing, definitely Mount Alma in Ankara will be an exciting place. Even if you don't want to ski in these snow-capped mountains, you can go to the cafés at that area and drink hot tea or coffee with snowy view.

Soguksu National Park is also one of the best places in Ankara to play in the snow.

Ø Halal tourism in Ankara

Halal tourism is a special type of tourism in which all coordination, arrangements and actions are carried out in accordance with the Islamic rules. For example, they can eat the halal food in restaurants or stay in hotels that do not serve alcoholic beverages.

Turkey as one of the leaders of this ideology, has a special place in this industry. Turkey ranks fourth after Malaysia, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates in the Halal Tourism World Index. Also, the need for domestic tourists in Turkey for halal tourism has also increased fifteen-fold in the last 10 years.

In recent years, as demand has increased, the capacity of the hotels that started serving halal tourism increased to 6,000 beds. Ankara, also, has many restaurants which operating in the Halal Tourism sector like Masabasi Kebapcisi, Trilye Restaurant.

Hotel Sale for Investing in the Tourism Sector of Ankara

The quick growth of Turkey's Economy During this decade, economy Certainly provides a similar trend for Ankara as the capital city of Turkey. Benefits of Ankara's strong and stable economy derive from good geographical location, modern infrastructure and young population and qualified workforce. The Ankara's high trade volume and its proper position in the tourism industry have created a great opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs.

based on this fact, starting a specific business related to the tourism industry in Ankara is very logical. Providing a suitable place to accommodate tourists who annually growing, providing good service and satisfying them is a lucrative investment. hotel sale center will guide you to buy hotel or rent hotel in Ankara.

But the idea of ​​where and how to get started and how to get good information about Ankara hotels, variety of hotels for sale in Ankara all need a professional guide to clear the way for you and provide different options to suit your budget. So, to finding answer for these questions, or buy hotel or rent hotel in Ankara, you can contact experts of hotel sale center in Turkey.

Buy Hotel or Rent Hotel Based on Variety of Hotels for Sale in Turkey

According to Ankara tourism potential, there are only about 40, 5-star hotels in Ankara. On the other hand, with increasing the number of tourists every year, you might also be considering buying or renting a hotel in Ankara on your budget. With having a hotel in Ankara and providing a variety of services to your travelers, you can earn a great deal and without any doubt this will be a beneficial investment.

But one of the main problems about investing in a foreign country is the lack of sufficient information about the laws of that country. In this situation, it is necessary to consult with professionals same as hotel sale center, who have sufficient information about the investment laws in the destination country in order to find out about variety of hotels for sale in Ankara.

There are variety of hotels for sale in Ankara, but These consultants, because of their extensive experience in dealing hotel sales in Ankara, would introduce different hotels, depending on your purpose and budget.

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