Turkey is an ideal investment country because of its young, dynamic and skilled workforce and its 80 million population. In addition, government incentives, tax cuts and free land allocations make Turkey more attractive to investors. Ankara as capital of turkey, as well as the opportunities it provides for investors, is one of the most attractive options for continuing to work in a variety of fields. Also, Turkey tourism sector as one of the important industries is growing so fast. So, keep up with us to know about the Ankara tourism potential. For this purpose, we are going to introduce the city in more detail, for who are considering to investing in Ankara such as buy hotel in Ankara or rent hotel in Ankara.

About Ankara, Turkey

Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the second largest city in this country. The city has about 4 and half million populations and because of having universities, government centers, as well as numerous embassies, students, staff and foreign nationals make up a large part of the city's population. Also, this has made Ankara's service higher than other cities. However, Ankara can be considered the political and administrative center of Turkey. Ankara can be considered an active center of art and culture; because there are many cinemas, theaters, concerts, museums and more in this city. Ankara has particular importance to secular Turks, because it is a place that marks a new era in Turkish history. This city is the Symbol of Independence and Turkish Development.

Getting Acquainted with Atmosphere and Tourism Potential of Ankara

Ankara is one of the major trading cities of Turkey. Ankara's economic growth has been mostly in the areas of industry, banking, transportation, communications and tourism. This economic growth has had an impact on the country's economy. The cultural and educational infrastructure in Ankara has led to the development of modern universities, theaters and opera houses and also, privatization in the tourism industry. This has created numerous resources and job opportunities for the people of the region. Ankara is a city dating back several thousand years and has many interesting places to visit such as: Ankara Amusement Park, Alma Mountain Ski, Ankara Senelik Park, Boating, Ankara Botanical Park, Ataturk Forest Park as well as very amazing historical sites such as the Kocatepe Mosque or the Ataturk Tomb. These attractions, attract a large number of tourists each year.

Geographical location of Ankara

Ankara covers more than 24,000 square kilometers and is 938 meters above sea level. Its location in central Anatolia has made Ankara's weather a continental climate. The city is located between four mountains. There are three rivers in the southeast.

Ankara city's weather

Ankara's climate is continental. This means that this tourist city in the central Anatolian region has cold and snowy winters and hot and dry summers. Ankara has four seasons and the seasons change in the city is usually noticeable. The city has the highest amount of rainfall in the spring and fall. The least amount of rainfall occurs in August and the highest in May. The average annual rainfall is Ankara 400 mm. However, there is significant rainfall throughout the year. The average annual temperature in the city is 11.7 degrees centigrade (53.1 degrees Fahrenheit). The hottest month in Ankara is July and the coldest month in Ankara is January. Temperatures are usually below zero in winter in Ankara. In the Turkish capital, there is an average of over 2400 hours of sunshine annually. Due to the high altitude of the city in summer, days are warm and the nights are cool and precipitation is generally low.

The Best Season to Travel to Ankara

Although spring and summer are suitable for travel to Ankara in terms of weather, but tourists tend to go to Ankara in May, July and September through mid-October.

Ankara's Transportation

One of the important Ankara tourism potentials is its transportation system. Ankara's public transport network is very advanced and regular. Public and private bus companies compete to attract passengers. There are mini buses in the city called Dolmos, a regular and fast transport system. The Ankara subway connects the most important areas of the city. Taxis are very affordable and the best way to get you to your destination and are relatively inexpensive.

Ankara Airport

Ankara Esenboğa International Airport or Ankara International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Turkey with more than 60 years' experience in domestic and foreign flights. Millions of passengers pass through this airport each year. The airport is about 28 km from Ankara city center. The airport was named Best Airport of the Year in 2009 by the Council of European Airports. Ankara International Airport has two bands, with new domestic and foreign terminals opening in 2006 which capable of 10 million passengers a year. Most of the Ankara airport incoming flights are as follows:
  • Washington
  • Newark (City in New Jersey)
  • San Francisco
  • Muscat
  • Singapore
  • Frankfurt
  • Baghdad
  • Berlin
  • Nicosia
  • Vienna
  • And domestic flights from Istanbul, Trabzon, Antalya, Izmir, Adana, Gaziantep

Ankara shopping

Ankara is one of the best and cheapest cities in Turkey to shopping. Local markets as well as modern shopping malls in Ankara give you access to a great shopping. The prices of commodities and especially apparel in Ankara are so favorable that "cheap shopping in Ankara" has become one of Ankara's tourist attractions.

Ankara Tourism Situation

Ankara is one of the most important cities in Turkey that hosts many travelers each year. Some travelers want to handle and pursue their work and education affairs. Others choose the city for vacation and leisure. One of the important Ankara tourism potentials is shopping. Ankara's sights include historical and modern attractions, that some of them dating back hundreds of years and others have also been built in recent years, with unique features that appeal to visitors. Ankara tourism potential is the same as Istanbul tourism potential historical and varied. Below is an example of Ankara's tourist attractions:
  • kocatepe Ankara Mosque
  • Anatolian Museum of Civilization Ankara
  • Atakule
  • Aqua Vega Aquarium
  • Anitkabir
  • Rahmi M. Koc Muzesi

Popular Areas in Ankara

  • Çankaya - Turkey's political hub
  • Ulus - ankara's commercial center
  • Kizilay - Ankara upscale area

Tourist Attractions in and Around Ankara

Ankara's beautiful capital of turkey, host many tourists every year. Ankara's recreational places are successful in attracting tourists, and Ankara's tourist attractions are known worldwide. And this is one of the important points of Ankara tourism potential some of these attractions are as follows:

Haymana Hot Springs and Spas

One of the attractions of the city is the Haymana hot springs and spas. With its medicinal properties and is visited annually by travelers from turkey and the world. Haymana Hot Springs are located in a region called Haymana in southern Ankara and in central Anatolia. The spring water temperature is 46 degrees and can be bathed without having to mix it with cold water. Experts believe that this feature is one of the healing properties of this water in the treatment of diseases. Haymana Hot Springs, considered as one of Ankara's tourist attractions, have historical value and have been used by the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans.

Eymir Lake

Ankara has beautiful spots and amazing pristine nature. Eymir Lake is one of the city's most beautiful and prominent natural attractions. Eymir Lake is located 20 km from Ankara. Locals and tourists come to this beautiful area to relax away from the noise, pollution and bustling day-to-day life. People come there for running, biking and hiking. The nature around the lake is very beautiful and pristine.

Ataturk Forest Zoo

Ataturk Forest Zoo is one of the popular spots in Ankara. This forest area includes a small zoo, an aquarium and a botanical garden. It is home to many species of birds, large cats, monkeys, gorillas and snakes.

Gençlik Park

One of the most spectacular places in Ankara is the charming Gençlik Park. Gençlik is a great place for locals and tourists from all over the world. This park is located in central part of Ankara. Gençlik has provided a variety of entertainment for all ages. Fine tea gardens, colorful fountains and Funfair Amusement playground are the main attractions of Gençlik Park. A large pool for swimming and boating and a variety of Carousels for adults and children are among the other amenities in this attractive complex.


The Great Ataturk Tomb or Anıtkabir is located in central Ankara. Anıtkabir is the symbol of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and the Republic of Turkey. Almost in all brochures introducing Turkey, Ankara is identified with the symbol of Anıtkabir. This tomb is located in the center of the city and on top of a hill called Anıttepe. It is Ankara's second highest point after Ankara Kalesi or Ankara Castle. The way visitors come to this building is in the form of a park, full of flowers and plants. Due to the many tourist attractions as well as the universities and scientific and political centers in Ankara, the city hosts countless travelers throughout the year. So, it's a good place for investing in tourism industry especially accommodations. Ankara is a suitable place for investors who wants to buy hotel in Ankara or rent hotel in Ankara. Among Countless tourism potential of Ankara, the following attractions are also available:
  • Kocatepe Mosque
  • Ethnography Museum of Ankara
  • War of Independence Museum
  • Ulus, Ankara
  • Ulucanlar Prison Museum
  • Hacı Bayram Mosque
  • State Art and Sculpture Museum
  • Göksu Park
  • 15 Temmuz Kızılay Milli İrade Meydanı
  • Monumentum Ancyranum
  • Kuğulu Park
  • Roman Baths of Ankara
  • Wonderland Ankara
  • Tunalı Hilmi Avenue
These Unique and incomparable Ankara tourism potentials have motivated foreign investors to invest in tourism market to buy hotel in Ankara or rent hotel in Ankara.

Concessions and Ankara Tourism Potential

If you decide to buy hotel in Ankara or rent hotel in Ankara-Turkey you need to get acquainted with Ankara tourism potential. There are dozens of reasons to choose Izmir as an ideal city for investment. life Facilities, High rates of university student, desirable business position and beautiful attractions & etc. are just a few positive points of Ankara tourism potential. Continue to know about the important features of Ankara:

important features of Ankara

Since Ankara is Turkey's political and administrative hub, it is an important city. However, the costs are such that all social classes can easily live in this city. This city is well-suited for the cost of living. The cost of living in Ankara is far lower than in Istanbul. Also, the price of buying or renting a house in Ankara is lower than Istanbul. Ankara tourism potential, is a modern combination of nature, history and politics. In terms of Ankara's importance, it has an important role in Turkey's industrial and commercial dimension. For this reason, many people travel to this city every day for a variety of purposes, such as business purposes; so, buy or rent hotel in Ankara, is considered a beneficial investment.

Ankara Hotels

Ankara is the capital of Turkey as a symbol of the independence and modernity of the Turkish people. In the different neighborhoods of the city you can see a mix of modern and historic elements that has created an attractive city for tourists. Ankara is politically significant and there are many government agencies in the city, for this reason many world-famous hotels have branch in this city. The quality and type of hotel amenities depend on the number of stars' hotels have which effect on Ankara hotels price, too. Every passenger can select one of the 3-star, 4-star or 5-star Ankara hotels to stay.

Buy, Sale or rent hotel in Ankara

Turkey is a country that has seen an upward trend in all areas over the past few years, for example, improving economic conditions, progress in the field of medicine and industry and tourism. This has stimulated foreign investment in the country. Ankara is the capital of Turkey, and is at the heart of these developments. Based on these facts and all this information about Ankara tourism potential, buy hotel in Ankara or rent hotel in Ankara have Short-term and long-term profits for foreign investors.

information about Investment Based on Ankara Tourism Potential

  • The Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) indicates that Ankara's households with 22,516 liras have the highest income in Turkey.
  • Turkey has a great opportunity for investors who want to invest in different sectors of tourism and accommodation.
  • Turkey is the 16th largest economy in the world and one of the members of the G20.
  • The number of foreign tourists who visiting Turkey in 2018 increased from 21.84 percent to 39.5 million people in year.
  • Last year, about 6 million Russians visited Turkey
  • Foreigners spent some $2.7 billion on clothes and shoes shopping in Turkey and $966 million on souvenirs and Ankara is one of the best places for shopping in turkey.

Hotel Sale Center

Ankara is Turkey's largest city after Istanbul and the capital of Turkey. With a population of about 4.5 million, it is a busy city with numerous universities, government centers, and embassies. Part of the city's population are students, staff and foreigners. This has made public service in Ankara overtake other cities in the country. Although Ankara does not have many monuments like Istanbul, but students and foreigners make city thriving. Based on these facts and Ankara tourism potential, buying, selling or renting hotel in Ankara, can be one of the most beneficial investments in Ankara tourism industry. Feel free to ask us your questions so that hotel sale center experts can provide you with the best solutions for you. If you want buy hotel in Ankara or rent hotel in Ankara call us. Be sure all aspect of Ankara tourism potential will check and the most appropriate solutions about hotel properties It will come before you.

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