Buy a Luxurious Hotel in Side, Antalya: A 25,000 m^2 Oasis of Opportunity For Sale

Antalya, Turkey
25000 m2
  • Item No. 1162
  • City Antalya
  • District Side
  • Year Built
  • Outdoor Area 25000 m2
  • Indoor Area - m2
  • Rooms
  • Beds 1400
  • Floors -
  • View Sea


"Explore a grand hotel opportunity in Side, Antalya: 25,000 m^2 of prime real estate in Turkey's coveted tourist hub. Nestled between ancient ruins and azure coasts, this property melds rich history with modern luxury. A golden investment chance to redefine hospitality, promising substantial ROI. Dive into Antalya's blend of culture and commerce with this unmatched offering

In the heart of the Mediterranean's sapphire coasts lies a real estate jewel, waiting for the right visionary to grasp its potential. Side, a resort town in Antalya known for its ancient Greek ruins, golden beaches, and the fusion of nature with history, is offering an unparalleled hotel investment opportunity. This isn't just a property; it's a 25,000 m^2 canvas waiting for its next masterpiece.

1. The Lure of Side, Antalya: Nestled between sparkling seas and lush hinterland, Side has long been a magnet for discerning travelers. A hotel here doesn't merely promise accommodation; it guarantees an immersion in Turkey's rich tapestry of culture and nature.

2. Expansive Realm of Possibilities: 25,000 m^2 isn't just land; it's a realm of endless possibilities. Imagine opulent suites, eco-retreats, gourmet restaurants, verdant gardens, infinity pools, and even private beachfronts – all within one estate.

3. Proximity to Historical Marvels: Being in Side means the ancient Temple of Apollo, the grand Roman amphitheater, and a myriad of other historical landmarks are within easy reach. Guests can soak in history by day and luxury by night.

4. Perfectly Positioned: The hotel's location ensures seamless transfers from Antalya International Airport. Such convenience is bound to enhance guest experience and garner positive reviews, further boosting the property's prominence.

5. A Canvas for Sustainability: Today's luxury traveler seeks sustainable experiences. With such vast land, curate eco-friendly niches – be it organic farms supplying fresh produce to the hotel's kitchens or solar-powered villas.

6. Lucrative Returns on Investment: Side's ever-growing appeal ensures a steady influx of tourists year-round. This consistent demand, combined with the property's sheer size and potential, promises impressive financial returns.

7. A Fusion of Modernity and Antiquity: While the land offers space for state-of-the-art amenities, the region's ancient allure can be integrated into the hotel's design and experience, setting it apart from generic luxury accommodations.

8. Bespoke Events and Conferences: Given its scale, the property is poised to host grand events, from international conferences to lavish weddings, ensuring a lucrative revenue stream beyond regular hospitality.

9. A Statement of Prestige: Ownership of such a property in Side, Antalya is not just a business move; it's a statement. It reflects an investor's commitment to luxury, vision, and architectural brilliance.

Side, Antalya, with its blend of azure coasts, historical splendor, and contemporary vibrancy, offers the ideal backdrop for a hotel that could redefine luxury hospitality. This 25,000 m^2 property presents not just land, but a legacy waiting to be shaped.

Seize this opportunity to create a landmark that stands as a testament to opulence, innovation, and vision. Let this vast expanse in Side be where your dream hotel takes shape, where every corner tells a story, and where luxury finds its true meaning. Invest in a future where history, luxury, and business potential converge seamlessly.


  • Indoor pool:
  • Outdoor pool:
  • Outdoor restaurant:
  • Indoor restaurant:
  • Laundry:
  • Beach:
  • Barber:
  • Fitness:
  • Golf:
  • Football court:
  • Tennis court:
  • Sauna:
  • Jacuzzi:
  • Turkish bath:
  • SPA:
  • Disco:
  • Wi-Fi:
  • Parking:
  • Conference room:
  • Bar:
  • Garden:
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