5-Star Hotel in Belek, Antalya: 2200-Bed Luxury Awaiting New Ownership For Sale

Antalya, Turkey
42000 m2
  • Item No. 1160
  • City Antalya
  • District Serik Belek
  • Year Built
  • Outdoor Area 42000 m2
  • Indoor Area - m2
  • Rooms
  • Beds 2200
  • Floors -
  • View Sea


Belek's 5-star hotel offering: 2200 beds, nestled in Antalya's prime resort area. A blend of luxury and vast capacity, it's an unparalleled investment opportunity. Step into Turkey's flourishing tourism sector with this elite property, poised for remarkable returns.

In the sun-kissed resort hub of Belek, Antalya, a unique investment opportunity beckons. Presenting a luxurious 5-star hotel with a massive capacity of 2200 beds, poised to be the crown jewel in an investor's portfolio. The magic of Belek, combined with the grandeur of this property, promises an unmissable venture in Turkey's bustling tourism industry.

1. Belek's Charm – A Tourist's Dream: Golf courses that meet international standards, pristine beaches where turtles nest, and forests that echo with birdsong; Belek isn’t just a location, it’s an experience. Owning a hotel here assures a consistent influx of global travelers.

2. Spaciousness at Its Best: 2200 beds signify vastness. Whether a guest desires a suite with a sea view or a room overlooking manicured gardens, this hotel ensures every preference is catered to, elevating guest experience to unparalleled heights.

3. All About Location: Belek's proximity to Antalya's international airport means minimal transit time for guests. Quick and convenient access only amplifies the property's appeal to global travelers.

4. Culinary Excellence: The flavors of the Mediterranean come alive in Belek. A hotel of this scale promises gourmet dining experiences, turning meals into unforgettable gastronomic journeys.

5. Unmatched Amenities: From world-class spa facilities to state-of-the-art conference rooms and entertainment hubs for kids, this hotel ensures every age group and traveler type is catered to with excellence.

6. Sporting and Recreational Delight: Belek is synonymous with golf. Owning a hotel here opens doors to hosting international golfing events, turning the property into a sports enthusiast's paradise.

7. Eco-conscious Potential: With such a vast property, there’s scope to integrate sustainable practices. Think solar energy harnessing, rainwater harvesting, or even organic farming, aligning with global eco-tourism trends.

8. Events, Conferences, and More: The sheer capacity of 2200 beds means the hotel can effortlessly host grand events, making it a preferred destination for corporate retreats, destination weddings, and international conferences.

9. Belek's Rising Popularity: Over the years, Belek has grown from a quaint town to a globally recognized resort hub. Investing in a hotel here is tapping into an ever-growing market with tremendous ROI potential.

Positioned in Belek, the heart of Antalya's tourism scene, this 5-star hotel stands as a testament to what luxury and strategic investment look like. With 2200 beds, it’s more than just a property; it’s a universe of unparalleled luxury awaiting its next visionary owner.

This isn't just about rooms and beds; it's about crafting experiences, weaving stories, and setting standards in global hospitality. Let this hotel be the cornerstone of your legacy in the realm of luxury tourism. Dive into this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and let the Mediterranean sun illuminate your investment journey.


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  • Outdoor pool:
  • Outdoor restaurant:
  • Indoor restaurant:
  • Laundry:
  • Beach:
  • Barber:
  • Fitness:
  • Golf:
  • Football court:
  • Tennis court:
  • Sauna:
  • Jacuzzi:
  • Turkish bath:
  • SPA:
  • Disco:
  • Wi-Fi:
  • Parking:
  • Conference room:
  • Bar:
  • Garden:
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