Luxury Beachfront Retreat: 5-Star Hotel in Kemer, Antalya for Sale For Sale

Antalya, Turkey
29000 m2
  • Item No. 1156
  • City Antalya
  • District Kemer
  • Year Built
  • Outdoor Area 29000 m2
  • Indoor Area - m2
  • Rooms
  • Beds 1250
  • Floors -
  • View Sea


Secure a prime spot in Kemer, Antalya's tourism hub, with this luxurious 5-star beachfront hotel. A fusion of modern luxury and Kemer's natural beauty, it promises high returns in Turkey's most sought-after vacation destination

Nestled on the exquisite coastline of Antalya, Kemer is renowned for its pristine beaches, azure waters, and a backdrop of the majestic Taurus Mountains. Capturing the essence of this natural beauty is a lavish 5-star beachfront hotel, offering discerning investors a chance to own a slice of this paradise.

This beachfront hotel is more than just a property; it's a blend of Kemer's untamed beauty and the epitome of luxury. Poised along the shoreline, the establishment provides guests direct access to the glistening waters of the Mediterranean, making it an unparalleled holiday destination.

As you approach this grand edifice, you're welcomed by its grandeur and modern architectural prowess, harmoniously blending with the natural surroundings. The luxurious interiors, marked by expansive glass windows, ensure that guests are never too far from the captivating beach views. Each room and suite, bathed in soft, muted tones, offers panoramic vistas of the ocean and is equipped with amenities that echo the hotel's commitment to unparalleled comfort and luxury.

Dining in this property becomes a voyage of culinary exploration. With multiple in-house restaurants, guests can journey through a world of flavors - from local Turkish delicacies that showcase Kemer's rich gastronomic heritage to international cuisines prepared by expert chefs. The close proximity to the sea ensures that seafood is a staple on the menu, freshly caught and masterfully prepared.

The hotel's spa and wellness center promise tranquility and rejuvenation. Crafted as a sanctuary, it boasts state-of-the-art treatment rooms, therapeutic pools, and a team of expert masseurs and therapists dedicated to the well-being of the guests. Additionally, fitness aficionados will find their haven in the fully-equipped gym and various sport-centric amenities.

However, the jewel in this hotel's crown is undoubtedly its extensive beachfront. Guests can lounge on the sunbeds, take a dip in the infinity pool overlooking the ocean, or indulge in water sports and beachside activities. Evening events can transform the beach into a venue for parties and weddings, making memories against the backdrop of a golden sunset.

Investors looking for lucrative opportunities would recognize the vast potential of this property. Kemer, a town that has seamlessly blended its natural charms with modern tourism facilities, attracts visitors from all over the world. This hotel, with its prime beachfront location, stands at the forefront of this attraction. With a consistently growing influx of tourists to Kemer, high occupancy rates and returns on investment are virtually guaranteed.

Kemer is also a town rich in culture and history. It's a melting pot where ancient ruins meet modern luxury. The nearby Phaselis ancient city, with its rich history, offers tourists a glimpse into the region's past. Such attractions ensure a steady stream of visitors beyond just beach lovers.

In summary, the 5-star beachfront hotel for sale in Kemer, Antalya, is an embodiment of refined luxury in one of Turkey's most scenic locales. It's an asset, an opportunity, and a dream waiting to be realized. For those with a keen sense for high-quality investments and an appreciation for grandeur, this property stands as a beacon of unmatched potential in the vibrant and dynamic world of Turkish tourism.


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  • Outdoor pool:
  • Outdoor restaurant:
  • Indoor restaurant:
  • Laundry:
  • Beach:
  • Barber:
  • Fitness:
  • Golf:
  • Football court:
  • Tennis court:
  • Sauna:
  • Jacuzzi:
  • Turkish bath:
  • SPA:
  • Disco:
  • Wi-Fi:
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  • Bar:
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