Cheap Hotel for Sale in Kemer, Antalya: Affordable Luxury Awaits For Sale

Antalya, Turkey
370 m2
  • Item No. 1112
  • City Antalya
  • District Kemer
  • Year Built 2005
  • Outdoor Area 50 m2
  • Indoor Area 320 m2
  • Rooms 8
  • Beds 20
  • Floors 3
  • View City and Mountain


Discover a cost-effective hotel opportunity in Kemer, Antalya. Nestled in a prime location, this establishment promises lucrative returns. Equipped with all modern amenities, it stands as a beacon for tourists seeking comfort without breaking the bank. Secure this asset in Turkey's thriving hospitality industry today

The Turkish Riviera, with its azure coastline and rich history, has been a magnet for visitors from across the globe. Nestled in this picturesque backdrop is Kemer, a gem of Antalya, known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and captivating natural wonders. While Kemer is known for its lavish resorts and 5-star accommodations, the town also offers profitable opportunities for investors on a budget. One such opportunity is our featured property – a value-for-money hotel that promises an excellent return on investment without compromising on quality.

Why Kemer?

Kemer's strategic location ensures a steady influx of both local and international tourists. From the majestic Taurus Mountains that envelop the town to the serene blue of the Mediterranean, Kemer is a haven for nature lovers. The marina, with its modern facilities, draws yachts and boats, while the town's cultural festivals keep the energy alive all year round.

Value Meets Excellence

While the word "cheap" may lead to perceptions of compromised quality, this property breaks such stereotypes. The hotel is a blend of modern architecture with a touch of traditional Turkish design. Each room has been crafted keeping the comfort of guests in mind, ensuring that they experience luxury at an affordable price.

Amenities to Rival Luxury Resorts

The hotel houses a range of amenities that ensure guests have an enjoyable stay. From a state-of-the-art spa and wellness center to restaurants serving delectable local and international cuisine, guests don't need to step out for a holistic holiday experience. The pool area, surrounded by verdant gardens, offers the perfect setting for relaxation. Moreover, the proximity to the beach ensures guests have ample opportunities to indulge in water sports or simply laze by the sea.

Future Growth Potential

With Turkey's tourism sector showing signs of steady growth, especially in regions like Antalya, investing in a property in Kemer is a foresighted decision. The hotel's prime location ensures it remains a favorite among tourists, promising high occupancy rates throughout the year. As Kemer continues to develop its infrastructure and enhance its tourist offerings, the value of properties in the region is set to appreciate.

Easy Transition for New Owners

For potential buyers, one of the significant advantages of this property is the ease of transition. The hotel comes with a trained staff familiar with the day-to-day operations, ensuring that the change in ownership does not disrupt the guest experience. Furthermore, the current management has established ties with travel agencies and tour operators, assuring a steady stream of guests.

In the competitive hospitality industry, finding a property that balances quality with affordability can be a challenge. This cheap hotel in Kemer, Antalya, offers just that. It's not just a structure but a thriving business with a loyal clientele. For investors looking to make their mark in Turkey's burgeoning tourism sector, this is a golden ticket. Discover the potential of this property and envision a future of success, luxury, and growth in the heart of Antalya's jewel, Kemer.


  • Indoor pool:
  • Outdoor pool:
  • Outdoor restaurant:
  • Indoor restaurant:
  • Laundry:
  • Beach:
  • Barber:
  • Fitness:
  • Golf:
  • Football court:
  • Tennis court:
  • Sauna:
  • Jacuzzi:
  • Turkish bath:
  • SPA:
  • Disco:
  • Wi-Fi:
  • Parking:
  • Conference room:
  • Bar:
  • Garden:
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