Trabzon Tourism Potential

Turkey, with its privileged geographical, cultural, political, economic and urban conditions, has become a formidable tourism hub in the world that annually attracts many people from all over the world. It has a variety of cities, with their unique characteristics and conditions. One of the largest cities in this country is Trabzon. Due to its outstanding features it has become one of the most important cities in Turkey. So, keep up with us to know more about the Trabzon tourism potential. This article can also be a good guide for those who are considering to investing in Trabzon especially, if they want to buy hotel in Trabzon or rent hotel in Trabzon

About Trabzon, Turkey

Trabzon is one of the largest, yet most important, cities in Turkey's northeast. Also, the city has an extraordinary nature along the Black Sea. This city has many famous ports and amenities which their quality has made this city a lot of fans. Usually, when it comes to Trabzon, most people remember the Black Sea coast and scenery. However, it should be noted, that there are many other attractions in this area that can attract many tourists. One of the interesting things to say about Trabzon is the culture and character of its people. Trabzon has a very kind and hospitable people. Overall, Trabzon has many different lodgings and restaurants, which making a memorable and enjoyable trip.

Getting Acquainted with Atmosphere and Tourism Potential of Trabzon

Trabzon has historically been the focus of Turkish leaders for a long time because of being in silk road and many commercial ports. So far, the city's tourism industry has received much attention. There is a lot of racial and religious diversity in this city and that is because of its geographical location. Also, the city is famous for having a sports club called Trabzon Sepoor in Turkey and the world. Trabzon city has an area of ​​about 188 square kilometers and according to the census data for year 2012, About 760,000 live in it.

Beautiful lake

One of the important Trabzon tourism potentials are city lakes and their proximity with the black Sea. One of Trabzon's most important natural attractions is the beautiful Lake, Uzungöl. It is in the south of the city and in the Chikara area. The lake provides an environment for tourists to spend a few hours in nature and in a very good weather.

Trabzon’s weather

Trabzon's climate is warm and temperate. There is more rainfall in the winter than in the summer in Trabzon. There is significant rainfall throughout the year in Trabzon. Even in the driest month there is a lot of rain. The average annual temperature of Trabzon is about 14.4 °C. The average annual rainfall in Trabzon is about 891 mm. The lowest Trabzon rainfall is in July and the highest rainfall is in October.

The Best Season to Travel to Trabzon

As we said, the city of Trabzon is on the edge of the Black Sea and so you can expect subtropical and humid climates.
  • Spring: The average temperature in Trabzon at this time is around 14 °C. The average temperature in May is slightly higher and can reach up to 19 °C. May nights are cooler and about 13 °C. There is no rain in May and you can expect warm and pleasant weather. Trabzon, of course, experiences more heat in June and it loses its spring coolness.
  • Summer: Trabzon's daytime temperatures are being much higher than expected. But the weather is not too hot and the average temperature is around 26 °C and Trabzon can still be a pleasant summer destination. However, during the summer, the city's humidity increases and it can be a little annoying. All in all, Trabzon summers are perfect for water and sea recreation.
  • Autumn: Most of Trabzon rainfall falls in this season and the air temperature is about 20 °C.
  • Winter: The coldest Trabzon days of the year are in this season. In the days, when there is snow and rain, the air temperature will be around 5 °C.
So the best season to travel to Trabzon is the early spring and Summer months.

Trabzon Airports

There is an airport in Trabzon called “Trabzon Airport”. From this airport, both domestic and foreign flights are performed, but most of the flights are domestic. Trabzon Airport opened in 1957 and had a major impact on the development of the city's tourism industry. According to the latest figures for 2009, 1,596,905 passengers used the airport in one year. Of these, 95 percent were domestic. It is not bad to know that the airport runway is 2640 meters long and is paving! Most of the Trabzon airport incoming flights are as follows:
  • Sharjah
  • Bahrain
  • Baghdad
  • Muscat
  • Cologne/Bonn
  • Frankfurt
  • Stuttgart
  • Berlin
  • Vienna
  • And domestic flights from Ankara, Istanbul, Kocaeli, Antalya, Izmir and Adana.

Trabzon Tourism Situation

Trabzon is the greenest tourist area in Turkey with all-natural phenomena including sea, lake, mountain, plain and spring. Trabzon is one of the most important sites in the Black Sea, with historical remains and spectacular scenery. From the monasteries to the mountain villages, from tropical green forests to old-fashioned churches in Trabzon waiting to discover and watch by visitors.

Trabzon's Tourist Attractions

Here are some of Trabzon's most popular tourist attractions:

Sumela Monastery

Certainly, one of the most spectacular areas of Trabzon is the Sumela Monastery. A monastery dating back to the year 386 AC, which is located on a steep slope of a cliff at a height of about 1200 meters. This Greek Orthodox monastery of St. Mary's has a unique view of the Altındere National Park (Altindere Vadisi National Park).

Trabzon Kalesi

Trabzon castle dates back to the Byzantine Empire. The castle has three parts that experts believe date back to 2000 BC. These walls divided the city into three sections: upper, middle, and lower. The middle and lower constructed under command of Alexius II to complete the upper wall.

Hagia Sophia, Trabzon

Other attractions in Trabzon is the Hagia Sophia Mosque which was a Greek Orthodox church during the Trabzon Empire in the 13th century. It was later converted into a mosque in the Ottoman era in 1584. This monument is situated by the sea, it has now become a museum and boasts Byzantine architecture.

The House of Atatürk (Atatürk Köşkü)

The building was designed and built in 1890 as a bungalow by an Italian architect for a prominent Greek businessman. Most of the Ataturk houses throughout Turkey have become museums, one which is located in Trabzon.


The village of Uzungöl Trabzon is located south of the city and is the most important natural attractions in Trabzon tourism potential. and with breathtaking Paradise views, it is one of Trabzon favorite spots. The village is surrounded by steep mountains and there is a green lake in the middle. This village is great for hiking and relaxation.

Walls of Trabzon

Other notable Trabzon landmarks are Trabzon walls. It has a high antiquity and has been used as a defensive weapon in most wars. These walls date back to 2000 BC.


Boztepe is a park and tea garden in the Trabzon Hills. It has a panoramic view of the whole city. This park located in 3 kilometers southeast of Trabzon, it is one of Trabzon's most beautiful tourist attractions. There are a number of Trabzon hotels in the area. Also, is a good place for investors who want to buy hotel in Trabzon or rent hotel in Trabzon. Other Trabzon attractions are as follows:
  • Trabzon Bedesten Kapalıçarşı
  • Gulbahar Hatun Mosque
  • Zagnos Vadisi park
Unique and unrivaled Trabzon tourism potential have motivated foreign investors to invest in Trabzon tourism and buy hotel in Trabzon or rent hotel in Trabzon.

Concessions and Trabzon Tourism Potential

If you decide to buy, sale or rent hotel in Trabzon, you need to know with Trabzon tourism potential. Exceptional weather, Pristine and attractive nature, ports and beautiful and spectacular places ... are only a few of Trabzon tourism potential. Continue to know about the important features of Trabzon city:

Economic situation in Trabzon, Turkey

In general, it can be said that Trabzon plays an important and influential role in the Turkish economy. In the year 1920, the United Kingdom declared Trabzon the most important port on the Black Sea. Also, at present, Trabzon is one of the most important exports of tobacco, hazelnut, silk, wool and silver in the world. In addition, many poultry are raised in the city. And there are several copper, silver, zinc, iron and manganese mines that are some of the city's raw material suppliers.

Sanitary Status of Trabzon, Turkey

If we look at this in a comprehensive way, we can say that Trabzon is in relatively good at health facilities. There are many hospitals operating in the city and they provide good services. Safety in Trabzon Trabzon has high security, because it is a small town and crime is more easily controlled. It is also good to know that there are very low crime statistics such as theft, snatching, hostage taking, car theft and drug dealing and so on. Trabzon tourism potential, is a beautiful combination of natural attractions, safety and cheapness.

Public Transport in Trabzon

Trabzon has almost good public transport. The best way to get around this city is by bus. You can also use the boats and ships available in the city. The presence of the Black Sea coast in this city has created a good opportunity for boat use as a vehicle. Taxis are also easily accessible and their price is cheap. Also, modern shopping malls or permanent auctions, making shopping possible for everyone in Trabzon. So, Trabzon is a pleasant tourist destination and is very worthy for investing. Buy hotel in Trabzon or rent hotel in Trabzon, can be a lucrative investment. Eventually Most important thing is that Trabzon tourism potential is very rich from sea, to lakes or historical buildings and etc.

Trabzon Hotels

There are many hotels in Trabzon and each one is very well-suited to the expectations expected from good hotel. The cost of staying in this city is more affordable than in other Turkish cities. One of the best hotels in Trabzon is the 5-star Grand Hotel Zorlow. Another 4-star hotel in the city that is no less than a 5-star hotel is the Hilton Garden Hotel. Everyone can select one of the 3-star or 4-star or the 5-star Trabzon hotels to stay and take advantages of the facilities of these hotels.

Buy, Sale or Rent Hotel in Trabzon

Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mohammed Nouri Arsavi, during a speech at the 53rd Berlin International Tourism Exhibition said booking Turkish hotels by German tourists this year increased 58%. He said increasing the number of tourists from 50 million to 70 million and earning up to 70 milliards $ is one of the goals of the Tourism Outlook 2023 in Turkey. Based on all these facts and unique Trabzon tourism potential, buy, sale or rent hotel in Trabzon is one of the best investments in the tourism sector of this city.

Facts and Information About Turkey and Trabzon Tourism Potential

According to the Global Metro Monitor 2014 report Trabzon is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey with local events, exhibitions and festivals throughout the year. The city is definitely worth a visit because entertainment events, exhibitions and markets have filled Trabzon 's annual calendar. At Below we gathered some statistics about tourism industry in Turkey.
  • According to data provided by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), Revenue from the Turkish tourism industry in the first four months of the year 2019, it reached to 7.97 milliard $, That is a 13.2 percent increase from the previous year.
  • According to Daily Sabah, based on statistics released by TurkStat, about 87.8% of this profit is belongs to foreign tourists and 12.2% for Turkish citizens.
  • Revenues from personal travels was 5.58 milliard $ and proceeds from tourism tours 2/39 million $ From the revenue of the whole tourism industry of this country at the first quarter of this year.
  • Turkey hosted more than 12.76 million tourists between April and June. The figure was up 15/3 percent from a year earlier.
  • The profit from each foreign tourist's trip is equal to 607$, And the profits from each domestic tourist trip are reported at 766$.

Hotel Sale Center

By 2016, the growing reputation of Trabzon was attracting the attention of foreign tourist all over the world and also, lots of Middle Eastern investors. Focused on Trabzon as a next and upcoming destination to invest in turkey during 2016 and 2017 show this fact: the real estate market is thriving in this city. Based on these facts and Trabzon tourism potential, buy hotel in Trabzon or rent hotel in Trabzon, is a unique opportunity for foreign investors Feel free to ask us your questions so that hotel sale center experts can provide you with the best solutions for you. If you want buy, sale or rent hotel in Trabzon call us. Be sure all aspect of Trabzon tourism potential will check and the most appropriate solutions about hotel properties It will come before you.

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