How to Open a Hotel in Turkey

If you decided to open a hotel in Turkey, follow this article. Turkey's tourism industry is one of the most popular growing industries and it attracts over 40 million tourists annually. Turkey in attracting tourists has ranked No. 6 in the world. Many people prefer to consider Turkey as their tourist destination every year. Because in Turkey, there are amenities and tourism facilities for all family budgets from luxury and expensive place to low-cost places for middle-income people.

The Turkish government has provided special facilities for the development of this industry, especially for investing in Turkey in this sector, there are many possibilities to make the tourism industry in Turkey as one of the most ideal industries. In this regard, the hotel sector has also made a lot of progress and a lot of investment has been made in this sector. In this article, we talk about why and how open a hotel in Turkey…!

Tourism in Turkey and Reasons to Open a Hotel in Turkey

Turkey is like a bridge between the two continents of Asia and Europe. This country, to promote itself as an ideal tourist destination, it has made a lot of efforts and propaganda around the world, especially in European countries. According to statistics released in year 2015, 5% of Turkey's GDP was in the tourism industry and it is projected that by year 2026, this share will reach 5/2.

Due to Turkey's capabilities and ability to compete with other major tourism destinations in the world, it has been one of the major tourism players in the world and has attracted about 40 million foreign tourists annually. Turkey is one of the top countries in terms of making money from the tourism industry. based on these facts these days, investing in turkey tourism by the open a hotel in Turkey become a profitable business

  • Istanbul and Antalya, on The Top of the Tourism Industry Table in Turkey

Many tourists are most likely to prefer Istanbul and Antalya cities to travel to Turkey. Istanbul attracts millions of tourists from different countries every year due to its worldwide reputation. Antalya, due to its unique nature, attracts tourists looking for a quiet holiday in a seaside town.

The number of tourists in Turkey is increasing every year. For example, the number of tourists in Turkey totaled more than 25.3 million in 2015. While it has grown to 36.200 million in 2016 and now over 40 million tourists per year.

  • 5-Star Hotels in Turkey

Turkey, with more than 600 5-star international hotel, has taken a big step in attracting foreign tourists. Half of these hotels are located in the tourist city of Antalya.

The best European golf courses, soccer fields, hot springs, etc. are located in Antalya. That has made it one of the favorite destinations for foreign tourists. According to Euro monitor International Tourism Information, Antalya is among the Top 100 Most Visited Cities in 2015, with 3.7 million visitors and tourists. It looks, open a hotel in Turkey is a profitable business. Because of this boom in business, hotels for sale in Turkey are diverse

  • Unique place for nature tourism

In Turkey, you can see landscapes that in other countries such natural beauty is either absent or few. Places that are full of tourists in the summer. Also, places Like Pamuk kale, Cappadocia, Karadeniz and other places where many tourists prefer to spend the winter there and enjoy the hot springs like the ski resorts of the Palandöken.

  • Sea, Sand and Sun in Turkey

Turkey is a country surrounded by the sea on three sides. The Aegean coastline along with the beautiful Mediterranean coast as well as the southern Aegean coast that meets the required standards and standards for cleanliness and safety.

There were more than 454 beaches on the Aegean coast in 2017. Which had special place along the 7200 km coastline of Turkey.

  • Rich Culture in Tourism Industry

Anatolia has been the center of world civilization for centuries. Turkey is a country full of magnificent monuments, architectural structures and ancient sites. For lovers of history and tourists who want to visit museums and historical sites, Turkey is a fascinating country.

Government Support for Turkey's Tourism Industry

Motivational patterns for investment in tourism in Turkey, based on potential features of this country, are designed to encourage investors to invest in this country.

Investment incentives in the country follow four different patterns; Overall Investment, Regional Investment, Large Scale Investment and Strategic Investment. Supporting these four investment models creates additional areas for investor support, among them are supportive tools such as VAT deductions, Tax cuts, interest rate protection and land allocation.

Why invest in Turkey?

As one of the fastest emerging and growing markets in the world, Turkey has undergone many structural reforms in its economic system over the past decade. This has made it an attractive market for foreign investors. Also, Turkey get closer to its goal of achieving the world's top 10 economies, and this is not just an advertisement. Figures and statics from national and international official centers illustrate this tremendous potential.

Due to high demand in this sector and construction as well as the profitability of this business, number of hotels for sale in Turkey in properties market is Increasing. financiers who want to invest in the tourism business and wish to open a hotel in Turkey can decide between start a new hotel or choose an existing Turkish hotel among hotel properties for sale or for rent in Turkey.

Geo-location Points of Turkey

Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons we can identify for investing in Turkey is its very specific geographical location. Turkey is a very important bridge between East and West and North and South. For example, since Europe is also the largest consumer of energy and Turkey is close to more than 80% of the primary energy recorded in the world, it has transformed the country into a major transit terminal and corridor from east to west.

Extensive and Active Target Community

The success of any economic project will certainly depend on an active context and a broad and accessible target community. Turkey's special position has also made it easy to reach the 1.7 billion customers in Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa, which comprises a market of $ 27 trillion. From the point of view of the domestic market, we are also faced with an up-to-date society.

Tourism, First Industry in Turkey

Another reason for investing in Turkey is its first industry. According to official statistics from the Turkish Ministry of Tourism, the country broke a record for foreign tourists last year. 45.6 million tourists visited Turkey in only 2018. Revenue from the tourism industry was $ 29.5 billion in 2018. It has also hosted 211 million airline passengers last year.

Also, with the opening of the first phase and completion of the next phases of Istanbul International Airport, which will replace the old Ataturk Airport and become the world's largest airport, Turkey's tourism industry is expected to grow at a steep pace. these industry needs more hotels and number of hotels for sale in Turkey in properties market is Increasing, so open a hotel in Turkey is a beneficial, business.

High Popularity among Tourist from all Around the World

Most of the Turkish tourists are currently from Germany, Russia, England and Iran and then Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Georgia, France, Syria and Italy import the most tourists to Turkey. Since 2008, due to the low costs of health tourism in Turkey, many American tourists have chosen Turkey as a destination for increasing their mental and physical health and tourism.

Free Economic Space in Turkey

By creating free space and making structural reforms to invest in Turkey, the government increased its gross domestic product (GDP) from $ 231 million in 2002 to $ 784 billion in 2018. In terms of economic growth, Turkey has always been steady performance in recent years.

Population and Specialist Workforce of Turkey

According to the latest official Turkish statistics, the country has a population of more than 82 million. Half of the population is under the age of 32, so this has made it the largest young population in the EU. On the other hand, about 32.3 million of this young population are educated and skilled. Over 800000 graduates from 183 Turkish universities are added to them annually.

Development of Necessary Infrastructure in Tourism Industry

Progress in the tourism industry requires the development of on-demand infrastructure and facilities. So, investing in this industry is very important. These infrastructures cover all the infrastructure and superstructures of a country. And mainly comprises communication systems, health systems, air transport, land, underground, marine and component parts, hotels, resorts, camping sites, restaurants, food and beverage factories, shopping malls (traditional and modern markets), the training centers, etc.

In fact, in today's highly competitive world, can't attract tourists, just by having tourist sites and historical buildings, because today, the issue of sustainability of tourism is the top priority of the administrators. The hosteling industry, which includes the reception and accommodation and production of food and beverages for guests and travelers.

Investing in Hotels and Residences in Way Open a Hotel in Turkey

Turkey with strong economic growth in recent years, it has also emerged as one of the world's fastest growing tourism markets. Now, this position has made the hosteling industry a major destination for local and global investors.

The hosteling industry, which includes the reception and accommodation and production of food and beverages for guests and travelers, in terms of employment and income, forms a large part of the tourism industry.

Today, the hotel services industry is the major link in the development of the tourism industry. For this reason, opening more hotels are needed every year. Therefore, there are many hotels for sale in Turkey. As a result, participation in the tourism industry through investments in open a hotel in Turkey is one of the best kind of investments.

Although, it is planned to build more than 40 new hotels in Istanbul by year 2020. The city has become Turkey's gold mine for the hotel industry and attracts billions of dollars in foreign investment from regional countries. In line with current plans to develop and establish new branches of hotel in Turkey, open a hotel in Turkey, considered as a lucrative investment in Turkey's tourism industry.

The Key of Attracting Foreign Tourism in Turkey

The travel and tourism sector play an important role in the Turkish economy; as far as, in 2015, the direct income of the country's tourism sector has made up about 5% of its GDP. And with the indirect participation of travel and tourism in this country's economy, the rate of its participation in 2016, accounts for about 13 percent of its GDP.

This industry has been booming in Turkey from 2004 and its steady growth can be attributed to the incentive mechanisms and regulations in place in this country. A number of successful projects to attract global tourists have also played an important role in the tourism development of this land.

Turkey has monetized almost all tourism subdivisions; from proposal for convention to golf tourism, from mountain resorts and winter sports to halal tourism. so if you decide to invest by the open a hotel in Turkey, contact hotel sale center consultants to find best hotels for sale in Turkey based on your budget

Factors Affecting FDI in Turkey

This country to develop its tourism, also has benefited from foreign direct investment. Turkey's abundant natural resources are one of the factors that have been instrumental in attracting foreign direct investment.

However, other factors have also influenced it. Even Halal tourism and health tourism markets are among the most important sectors of tourism in Turkey. The Turkey's Ministry of Health forecasts, Health tourism revenue for the country to reach $ 20 billion by 2023. On the other hand, to investors in this area is awarded some incentives, like tax deductions and some investment incentives.

Therefore, foreign direct investment in Turkey is seems to have been an important factor in the rapid development of the country's tourism sector. Since 2005 Turkey, has attracted high levels of foreign direct investment across all sectors of its industry, including the tourism industry. Key factors in attracting foreign investors, in addition to its many attractions and natural and cultural resources, have been the country's attention, the Government determination, its security, significant economic growth, and the encouragement of investors.

Turkish Government Effort in Tourism Sector

Given the investment incentives provided by the Turkish government, a conscious effort was made to invest in the tourism industry, to provide a way for more socioeconomic development across the country. In this regard, the Minister of Tourism and the nongovernmental actors of the tourism industry, using the potentials of the tourism industry, to increase the amount of tourism revenue.

Investing in Hotel Properties in Turkey

The investment incentives and policies adopted by the Turkish government in this regard have led to an increase the number of visitors to the country. As a result of this influx of tourists to Turkey and strengthen this industry both internally and externally, the Turkish real estate market was affected by this and it has increased investment in tourism real estate, such as hotels and resorts.

According to what was said in this article, if you decide to invest by the open a hotel in Turkey, you need professional guide to clear the way and provide different options from hotels for sale in Turkey, suit your budget. these days the number of hotels for sale in Turkey in properties market are Increasing as a result open a hotel in Turkey is a beneficial, business

Hotels Sale Center company agents, can help you to open a hotel in turkey, because this type of investment in real-estate will need special approvals and licenses from the Turkish authorities.

If you want to know more about foreign investments in tourism or need additional information about how to open a hotel in turkey or know about hotels for sale in Turkey contact our consultants.

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