Marmaris Tourism Potential

Marmaris is one of the most popular and wonderful tourist destinations in Turkey which is located in the southwest of the country, adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea and the green mountains. Marmaris is a pristine tourist destination, especially in summer in addition to the beautiful beaches, there are also cultural and historical sites. Turkey is on top of the list of countries selected by foreign investors. Before starting any business in Turkey properties market, you need to know about cities. So, let’s talk about Marmaris tourism potential in continue. Marmaris tourism potential is rich; in Marmaris you can both adventure and enjoy the sea. From beaches with white sand and sunshine to ancient ruins, Marmaris is not at all like other Turkish cities. Stay tuned to see what awaits you at Marmaris. If you want to invest in Turkey tourism sector through buy or sale hotel in Marmaris or rent hotel in Marmaris, this article can also be a good guide for you. So, keep up with us to become familiar with the Marmaris tourism potential.

About Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris is a port city in the southwest of Turkey. due to the proximity of the city to the sea as well as the existence of two main harbors, have made the city as a center for sailing and diving. From the waters of Marmaris you can easily travel to the Greek island of Rhodes. As it is clear, the seas of this city are very important. The city of Marmaris is geographically located between the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. This city is famous for being located among the seashore. The area of the town of Marmaris in Turkey is 878 km 2. And the population was about 34047, according to a census conducted in 2012. The name "Marmaris" is derived from the word "marble". The reason for this naming is the presence of marble in the Marmaris region.

Getting Acquainted with Atmosphere and Tourism Potential of Marmaris

Marmaris tourism potential is rich and fantastic. Whether you want to spend your time watching boats in the harbor or what to shopping. Marmaris Port is a great place to stroll and enjoy the space. There are also a variety of restaurants next to the harbor that serves delicious food. Because of its tourist attractions, there are many exciting places to entertain tourists.

Things to Do on a Trip to Marmaris

If you decide to buy a hotel in Marmaris or rent a hotel in Marmaris, you need to become familiar with Marmaris tourism potential

Being on The Beach in Marmaris

 One of the best beaches in Marmaris is the Icmeler area. The mountain scenery around this beach is also spectacular. crystal clear water, soft white sand and clean seaside with a spectacular view of the mountains and the sea are like a beautiful and relaxing paradise. There are many hotels along the coast that you can choose from for accommodation. Watching the sunset on the beach will be very spectacular and memorable.

Marmaris Marina

One of the most important points of Marmaris tourism potential is being beside sea. Marmaris Port is a great place to stroll and enjoy the space. Marina is a community center and there are always many things to do for tourists. On the other hand, large and small sailboats are constantly moving to the pier and creating a pleasant atmosphere. Also Local markets and large and small shops have made it possible for those interested to shop. The vitality of this area will attract everyone. In the corners of the pier the musicians are playing their instruments and Music plays alongside the waterfalls.

Marmaris Village Tour

Marmaris Village Tour is one of the best recreations and excursions you can experience in the beautiful villages around Marmaris. You can take part in these tours to experience the beauty of rural life, culture and nature around. Tour guides take you around the countryside and monuments and you can see the activities of local people, such as cooking bread.

Dance Fountains

At Marmaris Youth Square, May 7, a fountain accompanied by light dancing and music creates a beautiful night for tourists. this Dance fountains has a beautiful sight. The show takes about half an hour. In this show, the fountains, with music and lights, create a beautiful harmony. Watching the Dance fountains is free and many people come to the area every night to watch it. This fountain operates around the clock.

Marmaris Mountains

The seaside town of Marmaris is set amidst beautiful mountains. One of the main Marmaris tourism potential is Having the sea and the mountains together. This region has unique plant and animal diversity, and many tourists come to the city to see this diversity. There are many private tours around the city that take tourists to the mountains with various vehicles. On top of the mountains, tourists can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and nature. There are also beautiful waterfalls along the way, and rivers where tourists can experience Whitewater Rafting.

Dalian River

Dalian is an area by the river that creates an unbelievable experience for its visitors. Here, tourists can experience a boat trip on the river. One of the most spectacular sights in this area is the delicate carving on the surrounding hills. It is known as the Carian rock tombs. Along the way, there are plentiful restaurants serving the high quality Turkish cuisine. The turtle beach is also along Dalian. Many people believe that the soil on this beach has healing properties.

Diving in Marmaris

One of the popular attractions of the city is diving. There are pristine diving areas in Marmaris. The marine life of Marmaris is very rich and the scenery is stunning. Fortunately, the nature of Marmaris is still intact and ideal for tourists. Many private companies around the city are taking a dive tour. Depending on their money and skill level, tourists can enjoy the various diving tours in this area.

Cleopatra Island

Cleopatra Island, also known as Sadir Island, is a small island in the Gulf of Gokova, southeast of the Aegean Sea and near the coast of Urla. The island is famous for its beach filled with sea oysters. The organic sand on the beach have been brought to Cleopatra exclusively from the Red Sea. These Sands will be find only in Egypt.

Marmaris's Weather

Due to the geographical conditions of the port city of Marmaris, the city has a Mediterranean climate. Summers are warm and humid and winters are rainy and cold. The air temperature in the coldest is between 10 ° C and 15 ° C. Therefore, for swimming and water sports the city always provides good air conditions for its passengers. Almost all seasons are good for traveling to this city

The Best Time to Travel to Marmaris based on Weather

The best time to travel to Marmaris is February 26 to June 10 and September 24 to December 23. The average temperature in Marmaris varies widely at different times of the year. Due to humidity, the climate is mild and pleasant for most of the year except for a few hot weeks in the summer. There is little chance of rain or snow all year round. Marmaris ranks 65 out of 100 among destinations for global tourism. If you are looking to travel in the hottest months of the year, visit the city in August, July and September. The hottest time of year is in the middle of August, with an average temperature of 35.6 ° C and a minimum temperature of 26.9 ° C at night.
  • Spring: The combination of humidity and temperature in the spring leads to a warm climate. The average temperature in this season is in the range of 16.6 to 27.7 ° C. As we get closer to summer, the weather gets warmer. Spring is the second busiest time for Marmaris tourism
  • Summer: The middle months of the year host a warm climate in the summer. These months experience the lowest amount of rainfall per year with zero to 1 days of effective rainfall per month. June through August is the high season for tourists in Marmaris
  • Autumn: The average temperature in autumn is in the range of 19.9 to 33.3 ° C. This will give you a pleasant feeling due to the amount of moisture and wind.Due to the weather, autumn is the low season in Alanya, so prices for hotels and airfares will drop.
  • Winter: The weather is a bit cold in Marmaris during the winter with an average temperature of 14.8 to 18.3 ° C. The winter season is also one of the low seasons of Marmaris tourism.

The Best Time to Travel to Marmaris Based on The Tourist Population

The busiest months of Marmaris 's tourism are July and then Jun and May. The prices of hotels and plane tickets are at their maximum in these months; Marmaris low season month is November, when you find the cheapest hotels.

The Best Time to Travel to Marmaris Based on Festivals and Events

Marmaris is a city full of celebrations and holidays. tourist's Numerous festivals and events throughout the year attract many tourists to this seaside town. Here are some of Marmaris's most popular events.
  • Marmaris Maritime and Spring Festival
  • International Marmaris Yacht Festival
  • Marmaris International Yacht Charter Show
  • Marmaris Cinema Festival
  • Marmaris International Race Week

Marmaris Airports

Dalaman Airport is an international airport and is one of the three airports in southwest Turkey. The other two airports in this area are Milas-Bodrum Airport and Antalya Airport. This International Airport, is located at 10 km from Dalaman City and 95 km from Marmaris. The airport has flight to more than 120 destinations across Turkey, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Dalaman Airport is the only airport in the region that provides access to several Turkish tourist cities, including Marmaris and Fethiye. Every day from the domestic airports of Turkey, regular flights are made to this airport. There are direct flights from this airport to cities like Ankara and Istanbul in Turkey, And cities like Berlin, Baku, Vienna, Belgrade, London, Amsterdam, Moscow and many others.

Marmaris Tourism Situation

Marmaris is a port city on the Mediterranean coast, which is Located in the south of Turkey. It is one of the places Which has something to say in every context: Beautiful beaches, great sailing, adventure sports, top restaurants, vibrant nightlife, Mediterranean sunshine ... The history of Marmaris is also a detailed discussion. Few places in this globe can find which has such historical beauty. The city has many monuments and natural attractions. That you have to spend a few days to see all its beauty. Therefore, Marmaris as a suitable tourist destination, is very good for investing. buy hotel in Marmaris or rent hotel in Marmaris, certainly is considered a lucrative investment. Follow us on to introduce Marmaris tourism potential:

Tourist Attractions in and around Marmaris

as we said on top, Marmaris tourism potential include many things. These attractions are as follows:

Marmaris Atlantis Waterpark

Atlantis Water Park in Marmaris is the largest water park in the city. This park with a variety of amusement can be exciting for both adults and children. This water park with its own beach and free sun beds with umbrella is a great place to spend a day full of joy.

Marmaris Kalesi and Museum

all aspect of Marmaris tourism potential is unique. This is the perfect place for those interested in history. Marmaris Castle is an ancient castle that was rebuilt and expanded during the reign of King Solomon to defend the city against Rhodes. In the museum of this castle, Antiquities of the Ottoman Empire are found. Also The castle has a beautiful view of the surroundings.

Carian Rock Tombs

Carian rock tombs, also known as king's tombs, includes historical tombs beautifully carved into the rocks. In order to protect this historic area, tourists can only watch them by boat and from afar. Tourists will also enjoy a relaxing boat as they visit this strange monument.

Marmaris Shopping Centers

  • Carsi Market
  • Netsel Marina
  • Icmeler
Unique and unrivaled Marmaris tourism potential have motivated foreign investors to invest in tourism Marmaris through buy hotel in Marmaris or rent hotel in Marmaris.

Marmaris Hotels

To stay in Marmaris There are many options like Marmaris hotels, apartments, villas and accommodations. One of the Unrivaled points of Marmaris tourism potential is its Unique Hotels Because Marmaris has one of the most comprehensive accommodation networks in Turkey. From standard and mid-level packages to luxury accommodation. The center and coast of Marmaris, Uzunyali, Siteler, Armutalan and Icmeler are among the most popular places to stay in Marmaris. and of course, best places to invest in Marmaris tourism. Something like buy hotel in Marmaris or rent hotel in Marmaris. The most popular and best-selling Marmaris hotels and apartments are located along the coast of Uzunyali and Siteler and facing the sea. Armutalan is next to the hill. Marmaris hotels in this area, are the perfect place for travelers seeking relaxation. everyone can select one of the 3-star Marmaris hotels or 4-star Marmaris hotels or one of the 5-star Marmaris hotels to stay. And take advantage of the diverse facilities of these hotels.

Some of the Best Marmaris Hotels

  • Yacht Marina Apart Hotel
  • Tropic Marina Apart Hotel
  • 8 Oda Marmaris
  • Liman Apart Hotel
  • Blue Bay Platinum
  • D-Resort Grand Azur Marmaris
  • Green Nature Resort and Spa
  • Grand Pasa Hotel
  • Hotel Aqua
  • Green Nature Diamond
  • Sentido Orka Lotus Beach
  • Ideal Prime Beach Hotel Ultra All Inclusive
  • Casa De Maris Spa & Resort Hotel
  • Elegance Hotels International Marmaris
  • Grand Yazıcı Club Marmaris Palace
based on these facts and all Marmaris tourism potential, buy hotel in Marmaris or rent hotel in Marmaris have Short-term and long-term profits.

Hotel Sale Center

The port city of Marmaris with its pristine nature is one of the most visited cities in Turkey and its unique hotels will be a great option for a pleasant trip. There are many reasons to travel to this city. From the white sand beaches to the monuments of the city, Marmaris has been distinguished from other cities in the world. There are a variety of hotels in this harbor city that provide luxury and great accommodation for its guests. Based on these facts and all we said about Marmaris tourism potential buy hotel in Marmaris or rent hotel in Marmaris, can be One of the beneficial investments in turkey tourism industry. Feel free to ask us your questions so that hotel sale center experts can provide you with the best solutions for you. If you want buy hotel in Marmaris or rent hotel in Marmaris call us. Be sure all aspect of Marmaris tourism potential will check and the most appropriate solutions about hotel properties will come before you.

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