Turkey's tourism industry is one of the most popular growing industries. It attracts over 5 million tourists annually. Turkey's tourism is ranked No. 5 in the world in attracting tourists. The Turkish government has provided special facilities to expand the industry. Especially for investing in Turkey's tourism sector, there are many possibilities to make the tourism industry in Turkey one of the most ideal industries. Bodrum is one of the Turkey's third most populous city. So, keep up with us to know about the Bodrum tourism potential. This article can also be a good guide for those who are considering to investing in Bodrum; such as buy hotel in Bodrum or rent hotel in Bodrum.

About Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum Peninsula is a city in Turkey's Mugla province, which Situated in southwest Turkey along the Aegean coast. Izmir and Antalya city are located to the north and east of this touristic city, respectively. Bodrum is one of the first cities in Turkey which is welcomed by the tourism industry. The city was owed some of its prestige by a person named Swat Sakir Kabacheli who expresses blue voyages. There are now many companies, including Blue Voyage, have a day-long cruise ship with a variety of private and public boats and sailboats, as well as a traditional gullet boat. On these trips, boats and ships usually travel to the Greek islands. Bodrum is a colorful city with eye-catching beaches and numerous recreational facilities, which is a very popular destination in Turkey for spring and summer seasons. Besides the many tourists from other countries, this city is also popular with the Turkish people.

Getting Acquainted with Atmosphere and Bodrum tourism Potential

Bodrum's spectacular coastal city, with its eye-catching beaches, luxurious hotels and resorts, restaurants and leisure centers, has been welcomed by many tourists from around the world and even other cities in Turkey. In Bodrum, in addition to the city center, there are many large and small seaside villages that make up a large peninsula altogether. Bodrum is well-known in the shipping and sailing industry and many celebrities often come here to relax. Bodrum is a great place to relax and enjoy the perfect holiday.

Beautiful Beaches in Bodrum

One of the important Bodrum tourism potential is this city is located Along with the Aegean Sea. Bodrum is one of the Turkish cities with very attractive beaches. Bodrum is a city where tourist can find a variety of beaches, from pristine beaches to luxury beachfront hotels like the Oriental Mandarin or Swiss Resort Hotel or can reach the seaside village of Mazi, which is a quiet place for swimming.

Great food in Bodrum

Another important Bodrum tourism potential is the fresh seafood and the variety of fresh flavors. In Bodrum, we soon found that the food in this city was really delicious because it was made with the best organic ingredients. Also, Bodrum has a good restaurant, some of which are always excellent with their unique food and style. In Traveling to Bodrum, dining at one of its great restaurants including Mamdouf in Yali Kavak, Lemon and Orfuz is a great experience.

Luxury Hotel and High-level Facilities

Luxury boutique hotels are another reason to love Bodrum. In addition to luxury hotels in Bodrum, there are also smaller hotels for those who want to stay away from busy beach resorts. Some of the best small boutique Bodrum hotels including Macakizi, Med-Inn and Casa del Art. These are places where tourists can relax in a quiet and peaceful environment with a more private beach environment.

Quiet and No noise Recreation Areas

Bodrum is one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey where you can find many tourists in the street markets or in its numerous restaurants and shops. However, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city is also very easy. By booking a hotel in Bodrum areas like Turku Boko, Ganache Lake, Mazi or Akila you can get away from the crowds and get in touch with the locals.

Romantic Sunset of Bodrum

The sunset in Bodrum is so beautiful that most tourists and travelers fall in love with the scenery. After spending a day at the beach and then watching the sun go down in the sea with water that acts like a mirror is so fantastic. No matter where you are in this beautiful city, the sunset in Bodrum is always beautiful and romantic. Especially, if you be sitting at a good table in a lemon restaurant and watching this stunning view.

Off-season beauty of Bodrum City

One of the best things about Bodrum tourism potential is that it is beautiful outside the peak seasons of May, September and October as well. So, touristics can enjoy wonderful holidays without the hustle and bustle. And enjoy the good weather and the beautiful sea. Bodrum has the highest number of passengers between June and August (Summer season).

Bodrum's weather

The bodrum's climate is warm in summer with a cool breeze. But in winter it is temperate and humid due to its proximity to the Aegean Sea. In summer, the temperature reaches 32 ° C. In winter the average temperature is 14 degrees above zero. Bodrum can be rainy all year with the exception of much higher rainfall in winter. The cold duration in Bodrum is very short. For this reason, the city is an ideal choice for swimming and water sports enthusiasts, for about 7 months from May to the end of November. Ultimately, Bodrum's pleasant climate and the natural beauty of the sea and the beach have made it a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday.

The Best Season to Travel to Bodrum

  • Spring: The combination of humidity and temperature in spring leads to a mild climate. The average temperature in this season is in the range of 17 to 28.9 ° C.
  • Summer: The middle months of the year host a warm climate in the summer. These months do not have rain. June to August is the hot season for tourists in Bodrum.
  • Autumn: The average temperature in the fall is in the range of 20.3 to 33.6 ° C. Due to the amount of moisture and wind, it provides a great climate for surfing. There is an average of 1 to 5 days of effective rain each month.
  • Winter: The weather in Bodrum is a bit cold in winter, with temperatures averaging 15.2 to 18.3 ° C. There is an average of 8 to 10 days of effective snow and rain at this time of year.
The busiest months of tourism in Bodrum are July and then June and May. Bodrum's most secluded month of tourism is November. At this time the prices of Bodrum hotels are slightly reduced.

The Best Time to Travel to Bodrum Based on Festivals and Events

Bodrum tourism potential is so various and perfect in every field. In addition to the many attractions, there are many festivals held throughout the year in this city.

National Festivals

Victory Festival August 30, Republic Festival, Liberation Festival and many other events are on the Bodrum National Festivals calendar. These festivals are generally characterized by the participation of the Zeybeks and the Seymens with their special costumes. There is also a formal ceremony that features folk dances and drumming.

Seasonal Festivals

Many seasonal festivals are celebrated in Bodrum as the seasons change. Among them are celebrations of Hidirellez and Nevruz, which are celebrated at same time. Other seasonal festivals are as follows:
  • Fruit grower
  • Grape grower
  • Sheep and Chain of Shepherd
  • the Migration
  • Seedling festival
  • Crop grower
  • Multiplication of the ram
  • The Bicycle Festival
  • Bodrum Cup Wooden Yacht Regatta

Religious Festivals

Religious festivals are celebrated in Bodrum according to the Muslim lunar calendar. The biggest festival in the city is Ramadan, during which Muslims fast and end the three-day celebration of Şeker Bayramı (Eid al-Fitr).

Bodrum Airports

Bodrum Airport, officially named Milas-Bodrum Airport, was built in the year 1997. It has entered Turkey's international airports since the completion of the international terminal project in 1998. According to the latest statistics released in year 2010, the airport is carrying 1.5 million passengers in the summer (peak season) and total of 2.5 million passengers per year. However, in 2014 the number of passengers has grown to 19 million. The airport has a total of two terminals for domestic and foreign flights. European and Russian are the most frequent passengers of this airport.

Bodrum Tourism Situation

Bodrum is one of the most important Aegean seaside resorts. In addition to the vibrancy of the city at all times of the day, Bodrum nights are also attractions. Bodrum brings together all the elements and factors needed for a tourist destination. It is one of the most important tourism centers that can be livable in summer and winter. Bodrum tourism potential, is a beauty combination of Dreamy beach, nice weather and relaxation. From wealthy recreational boat owners to tourists flocking from all corners of the globe on a limited budget to spend their long summer vacations, everyone, with every budget, sees their expectations met. Therefore, bodrum as a suitable tourist destination, is very good for investing. Buy hotel in Bodrum or rent hotel in bodrum, is considered a lucrative investment.

Attractions of Bodrum Tourism around This City

In addition to the many Bodrum tourism attractions within Bodrum, there are many tourist attractions around this City. These attractions are as follows:

Bodrum city Yalikavak

This small town has a very sandy beach and sunset and a new beach promenade has also been built. There is one of the best weekly markets in the old part of town and restaurants near the beach and harbor serving delicious seafood made from fresh fish. The historical attractions of Yalikavak include the large stone windmill facing the harbor. Yalikavak is one of the favorite places of English tourists. It is One of the important points of Bodrum tourism potential and is a good place for who wants to buy hotel in Bodrum or rent hotel in Bodrum

Kadıkalesi Beach

kadıkalesi Beach is calmer and quieter than the rest of Bodrum's coastal areas. Most people who like surfing are attracted to kadıkalesi. Sandy kadıkalesi Beach is Very long and beautiful. A seaside village is extremely quiet and without any hustle and bustle.

Bodrum Gumusluk Beach

Gumusluk is known all over Turkey for its rabbit island and seafood restaurants. These restaurants are usually Istanbul's richest hangout. Alongside these expensive restaurants, there are beachfronts that are cool and charming in summer.

Gökçebel Bodrum

Eve Miss House in Gökçebel is a popular Turkish hangout for the weekend. In this house serve traditional rustic breakfast with mostly homemade ingredients. Among Countless Bodrum tourism potential. The following areas are also available. These spectacular places are just a few of Bodrum tourism potential.
  • Bogazici Bodrum
  • Mausoleum Holly Carnosus Tomb
  • Ancient Amphitheatre
  • Gulet Bodrum
  • Peter's Castle Bodrum
  • Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum
  • Ruins of Bodrum Mausoleum
  • Bodrum Myndos Gate
Unique and incomparable bodrum tourism potential have motivated foreign investors to invest in tourism bodrum to buy hotel in bodrum or rent hotel in bodrum.

Bodrum Tourism Potential and Foreign tourists

Bodrum city of Mugla Province is one of the most prominent tourist destinations of Turkey due to its unique attractions and natural beauty which is of great interest to foreign tourists. Bodrum hotels that located in different parts of Bodrum, competing best to host domestic and foreign tourists. Orhan Kavala, Secretary General of Bodrum Hoteliers Association (BODER) told to Anatolian correspondent: “Foreign tourists prefer Bodrum because they spend their holidays here in a very nice and quiet environment. They come to Bodrum two or three times a year.” Based on these facts and all Bodrum tourism potential, buy hotel in Bodrum or rent hotel in Bodrum have both short-term and long-term profits.

Bodrum Hotels

Bodrum, like most of Turkey's seaside towns, has luxury hotels and high-end services that best meet the needs of their guests. Alongside stylish Bodrum luxury hotels, there are also smaller hotels for those who want to stay away from beach resorts. There are a variety of hotels in Bodrum that travelers can choose from depending on their budget and expectations. Every tourist can select one of the 3-star, 4-star or one of the 5-star Bodrum hotels to stay. Apart from Bodrum hotels, there are a variety of accommodation in the city where to stay is economically viable. Bodrum hotels offer the most complete service to their guests. 5-star Bodrum hotels have unique amenities that match the best of Europe. Most of these hotels offer ALL and UALL services. Most of the Famous bodrum hotels are located near the beach. 4-star Bodrum hotels also have good facilities. The prices of Bodrum hotel are very reasonable. Buy hotel in Bodrum or rent hotel in Bodrum, this dreamy city, is one of the most profitable investments.

Why Investment on Bodrum Tourism Potential?

  • In 2015 The number of tourists in Turkey totaled more than 25.3 million in the year. While it has grown to 36.2 million in 2016 and now over 40 million tourists per year.
  • Turkey with more than 600 internationals 5-star hotels, at the international level, it has taken a major step in attracting foreign tourists.
  • In year 2017 there were 454 beaches on the Aegean coast, which along the coastline of 2 km to Turkey, had a special place.

Hotel Sale Center

Although more than a million Bodrum Tourists visit the pristine beaches, stylish restaurants and boutique hotels of the city each year, but this beautiful city is never being repetitious and its charm is increasing day by day. Bodrum has more beauty and Promenade than any of Turkey's coastal cities. The city of Bodrum is divided into several districts, each of which has its own characteristics which have been raised as an attractive destination for investors. The areas of Gumbet, Bagla, Karaincir, Bates and Bardakci on the south coast have beautiful sandy beaches. Based on these facts and Bodrum tourism potential, so buy hotel in Bodrum or rent hotel in Bodrum, can be one of the most beneficial investments in Bodrum tourism industry. Feel free to ask us your questions so that hotel sale center experts can provide you with the best solutions. If you want buy, sale or rent hotel in Bodrum call us. Be sure all aspect of Bodrum tourism potential will check and the most appropriate solutions about hotel properties it will come before you.

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