Alanya is one of the touristic towns in Turkey, which is a magnificent blend of the sea and the calm and unique forests. The same tranquility and dreamy beauty make many tourists prefer this city to crowded cities. On the other hand, investing in the Turkish tourism industry has been one of the best types of investment in recent years. But before investing, having enough information about the Alanya Tourism Potential, as well as knowing about restaurants and hotels and their amenities are among the needs you should have. In this article we are going to talk about Alanya tourism potential. Follow us in continue. This article can also be a good guide for those who are considering to investing in Alanya; such as buying hotel in Alanya or renting hotel in Alanya.

About Alanya, Turkey

Alanya is one of the historical cities of Turkey, located 135 km from the city of Antalya. Alanya from the north to the Taurus Mountains, and from the south to the Mediterranean and from the east to gazi Pasha and from the west it leads to Manavagat and Side. The city has a land area of about 1.598 km2. According to a census conducted in year 2012, its population was 104.573.

Getting Acquainted with Atmosphere and Alanya Tourism Potential

Alanya tourism situation is perfect. Today, Alanya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, especially in among European. As thousands of people travel to Alanya hotels and villas each year to enjoy the city's attractions. Tourists who choose this city today as one of their tourist destinations for traveling to Turkey, things like the long sandy beaches, the warm waters of Turkey's Mediterranean coast, the villas and hotels of the city and the history behind Alanya explain why they came to this city. Now this small, unknown city, become a popular city among tourists and is one of Turkey's favorite Mediterranean destinations. The Alanya Tourism Board uses the slogan "Where the Sun Smiles" to introduce their city.

Things to Do on a Trip to Alanya

Being on the Beach in Alanya

One of the important Alanya tourism potential is that this city is located Along with the Mediterranean Sea. Damlataş Beach is located in the easternmost part of Cleopatra Beach is one of the popular diving spots. Many boats daily bring this place those who interested in diving. Damlataş beach is a large beach with golden sand, which include numerous bars and restaurants along the coast, Volleyball courts, Outdoor fitness clubs, a playground for children, tennis and basketball courts and beautiful parks and waterfalls are noted. Also, Alayna's most famous beach is Cleopatra Beach, which derives its name from the Egyptian queen. Queen Cleopatra was so fascinated by the beauty of the beach that she had always stopped and swam in the Mediterranean during her trips to the Mediterranean.

Stand up Paddle Board

Parou surfing is one of the water sports that has recently gained popularity. In this sport, unlike the traditional windsurfing where the surfer waited for the wind to blow and move, this time he stands on a wave board and moves it with the help of a paddle. You can take a surfing on the Alanya coast and enjoy it.

Visit the Cave

all aspect of Alanya tourism potential is great. From Alanya recreation, its numerous caves. Due to the pristine nature of Alanya there are many natural caves. One of the easiest caves to climb is Damlataş Cave. Dating back to this cave is about 15000 years old and has a very beautiful view inside the cave. Some believe that going to this cave is good for asthma, for this reason, more than 2000 people visit Damlataş Alanya cave near Damlataş beach every year. The cave is open daily from 9am to 5pm.

Dim River

One of the most beautiful sights of Alanya and one of the city's most popular tourist destinations is the Dim Chai River in Alanya. The Dim Chai River flows 200 kilometers from Konya to the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to its important role in the greenery of the surrounding area, it also plays an important role in attracting tourists to the area. There are plenty of restaurants by the river, with wooden beds and beautiful pavilions for travelers on the Dim Chai River.

The amazing Nature of the Alanya Sapadere Canyon

Alanya Sapadere Canyon is located in 40 km from Alanya City and 175 km from Antalya. This valley is approximately 3 kilometers from the village of Sapadere. Along the path of this beautiful and deep valley is a river flowing through the lush nature of the area. After crossing the valley and seeing the small waterfalls, you reach the main part of the Alanya Sapadere Valley. In this part, a long cascade caresses your eyes. Underneath the waterfall is a natural swimming pool that makes everyone eager for swimming. The reasons of tourists for choosing this area to spend time are, the clean climate of this area, natural and local cuisine and beautiful scenery.

Sailing Tour

Another Alanya tourism potential is its Harbor and Boating. Boating in the crystal-clear blue water with the sea breeze will give you the feeling of a perfect holiday. Boating in Alanya starts from the Old Harbor, where you can choose from one of the many wooden boats known as the Gullets, and start your adventure.

Turkish Bath

Turkish Bath is one of those attractions that is popular with locals and tourists alike. Alanya Turkish Bath Tour is one of the popular tours among Alanya tourists. Turkish baths, also known as “Hamam” in Turkey, are one of the most traditional remnants of antiquity. The Turkish bath is a place to stay away from bustling urban and everyday life. In the Turkish baths of Alanya, in addition to the original package, you can experience Thai massage, African massage and VIP massage for an additional fee.

Alanya City's Weather

Alanya's climate in Turkey is temperate and Mediterranean. In summer, the city has a mild climate and it has rainy winters. The average temperature in August and September is 28 °C and the average annual sea water temperature is 21 °C. Almost all months of the year are perfect for traveling to this city, especially in spring and summer when conditions are favorable for water sports in the area, the best months for swimming are from August to September. Alanya is ranked 55 out of 100 among other global tourism destinations.

The Best Season to Travel to Alanya

The best time to travel on a weather basis is February 26 to June 3 and October 22 to December 30. The average temperature in Alanya varies widely at different times of the year. Rain or snow is likely throughout the year. If you are looking to travel in the hottest months of the year, visit the city in August, July and September.
  • Spring: The combination of humidity and temperature in the spring leads to a warm climate. The average temperature in this season is in the range of 17.9 to 27.9 °C. As we get closer to summer, the weather gets warmer. Spring is the second busiest time for Alanya tourism.
  • Summer: The middle months of the year host a warm climate in the summer. These months experience the lowest amount of rainfall per year with zero to 1 days of effective rainfall per month. June through August is the high season for tourists in Alanya.
  • Autumn: The average temperature in autumn is in the range of 20.9 to 33 ° C. This will give you a pleasant feeling due to the amount of moisture and wind.Due to the weather, autumn is the low season in Alanya, so prices for hotels and airfares will drop.
  • Winter: The weather is a bit cold in Alanya during the winter with an average temperature of 15.8 to 19.2 °C. The winter season is also one of the low seasons of Alanya tourism.

The Best Time to Travel to Alanya Based on The Tourist Population

The busiest months of Alanya's tourism are July and then August and May. The prices of hotels and plane tickets are at their maximum in these months; Alanya's loneliest tourist month is December, when you find the cheapest hotels.

The Best Time to Travel to Alanya Based on Festivals and Events

Alanya tourism potential is not just about nature and attractions. Alanya hosts many international events throughout the year. Alanya art festivals have made the city an attractive destination for tourists of all tastes. Most of the participants are foreigners. Each year national and international congresses, notable art and cultural festivals, sporting events, exhibitions and performances are held in Alanya.

Spring Festivals and Events

  • Alanya International Culture and Art Festival
  • The Alanya Documentary Festival

Summer Festivals and Events

  • Tourism and Arts Festival
  • Portakal Festival

Fall Festivals and Events

  • Alanya Jazz Days
  • International Alanya Mountain bike Competition
  • International Alanya Swimming Marathon
  • Alanya Triathlon
  • The International Alanya Stone Sculpture Symposium

Winter Festivals and Events

  • Atatürk's House Museum

Alanya Airports

Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport has been operating international flights from other countries since the 2012. Alanya Airport has a capacity to admission 1,500,000 passengers per year. Alanya Airport is on a distance near Alanya city (about 20 minutes' drive), compared to Antalya Airport, about 120 km and two hours' drive. At Alanya Airport buses are ready to take passengers to the city center. Due to Alanya's position in the Turkish tourism industry, most trips to this destination take place during the holidays. And so, most of the airport's international flights are seasonal. There are direct flights to this airport from cities like Ankara and Istanbul in Turkey, And cities like Helsinki, Oslo, Berlin, Baku, Vienna, Belgrade, London, Amsterdam, Moscow and many others.

Alanya Tourism Situation

Alanya is one of Turkey's historic cities and a popular destination for many tourists. A city full of cultural, historical, and natural attractions that will give you unforgettable memories. Due to rich Alanya tourism potential, this city has been recognized as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world in recent decades. Its location by the sea has made it a great destination for beach lovers. Central Alanya, at night, becomes a spirited, vibrant city. Excellent hotels with full facilities in this city are reserved for tourists. Other attractions such as cruise tours are other attractions for Alanya tourists. In addition to the natural and coastal attractions and modern tourism facilities, the monuments are another part of Alanya's attractions in Turkey. This fact motivates investors to invest in Alanya tourism market. Many financiers tend to buy hotel in Alanya or rent hotel in Alanya.

Tourist Attractions in and around Alanya

As we said on top, Alanya tourism potential and attractions include many things. These attractions are as follows:

Alanya Castle

This castle overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. A castle built by the Seljuks in the thirteenth century. These walls almost completely surround the Alanya castle. The castle is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Most of Alanya's famous places are around or inside the castle.

Water Planet Aqua Park

One of the best attractions you can expect in this city is Water Plant Water Park. This amusement park has a bungee jump, water slides, numerous pools and boating.

Red Tower

The Red Tower which called Kızıl Kule in the local language is one of the most impressive buildings in the Alanya Castle complex. The tower has 29 meters height and its walls start from here. The Red Tower is one of the symbols of Alanya dating back to the thirteenth century. The complex was once fully refurbished and is now used as a museum of ethnology.

Manavgat Waterfall

Nature attractions are one of the most important points of Alanya tourism potential. This waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls in Turkey, located three kilometers from the village. This waterfall is 2 meters high and 40 meters wide. Although its height is very low, its current power is very high. Nearby, there are spectacular gardens, excellent restaurants, cafeterias, entertainment centers and souvenir shops.

Greek Amphitheater

As you tour this ancient amphitheater, you will experience a journey into the heart of history. This large amphitheater originally built in the second century and had a capacity of between 15,000 and 20,000 people. These unique and incomparable Alanya tourism potential have motivated foreign investors to invest in tourism Alanya to buy hotel in Alanya or rent hotel in Alanya.

Concessions of Alanya Tourism Potential

If you decide to buy hotel in Alanya or rent hotel in Alanya-Turkey, you need to familiar with Alanya tourism potential. There are dozens of reasons to choose Alanya as an ideal city for investment. Alanya tourism potential is rich and fabulous Alanya is one of the historical and tourist towns of Turkey located in Antalya Province and it is one of the Turkish resorts on the South Coast. Situated by the sea, lively nights, great hotels with amenities, numerous amenities such as cruise tours are among the attractions of Alanya for tourists. And it owns 9% of Turkey's tourism sector and 30% of foreign property purchases in Turkey.

Travel Expenses

Daily expenses for traveling to Alanya:

Cheap travel for up to 150 tl

  • The cost of staying in a hostel is from 7 to 24 tl
  • Cheap food such as fish kebabs for 8 to 10 tl
  • Intercity buses is from 45 tl

Intermediate Travel from 150 to 350 lira

  • Alanya hotel Double Room is from 90 to 180 tl
  • Domestic flights are from 50 tl
  • A full meal in Alanya is from 40 tl
  • Daily boat trips are from 35 tl

Deluxe Trip Over 350 tl

  • Alanya hotel Double Room is more than 180 tl
  • 4-day cruise tour is from 200 tl
  • Balloon flying is from 170 tl

Alanya Hotels

Luxury Alanya hotels with attractive attractions, facilities and excellent services at a variety of cheap and expensive prices are ready to accommodate domestic and foreign travelers. Turkey's Alanya hotels, like other Turkish cities, are equipped with the most modern facilities. 5-star Alanya hotels can easily be compared to the best hotels in Turkey and even Europe. 4-star Alanya hotels are not much different from five-star Alanya hotels. The prices of Alanya hotels are reasonable and the accommodations in these hotels will be delightful and memorable. Everyone can select one of the 3 or 4 or 5-star Alanya hotels to stay and take advantage of the varied facilities of these hotels. Also, buying hotel in Alanya or renting hotel in Alanya due to fantastic Alanya tourism potential, is one of the most profitable investments.

Hotel Sale Center

Alanya is one of the most touristy cities in Turkey with many historical and tourist sites and it attracts many tourists from all over the world. Alanya has the largest number of tourists from Germany, Denmark, Scandinavia and Russia. Due to its sandy beaches, Mediterranean climate, this beautiful city has a high rate of hotel revenue from tourism. Based on these facts and Alanya tourism potential and buying hotel in Alanya or renting hotel in Alanya, can be one of the most profitable investments in Alanya tourism industry. Feel free to ask us your questions so that hotel sale center experts can provide you with the best solutions for you. If you want buy hotel in Alanya or rent hotel in Alanya call us. Be sure all aspect of Alanya tourism potential will check and The most appropriate solutions about hotel properties It will come before you.

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